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Hell’s Kitchen Starts With Promise But Ends In Disgrace For One

January 29, 2009 08:58 PM by DA Southern


Hell’s Kitchen Season Five kicks off in its usual rancorous way with the arrival of the contestants to the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant. That’s how it always starts; laughing, smiling, all thinking they were up to the challenge, and the verbal abuse, about to be heaped on them one of the toughest in the business, Gordon Ramsay. But it usually denigrates to sobbing and crying within hours after arriving, and that’s just the guys. Welcome to Hell’s Kitchen Season Five.

The beginning of the show showcased the failures, crackups and screaming from seasons past as Chef Ramsey invited 300 chefs to Hell’s Kitchen for this season to be auditioned and chose sixteen to try to win the Head Chef position at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City.

Immediately after the selection process, Chef Ramsay immediately had the chefs prepare their signature dishes for Ramsay’s discerning palate.

Carol was first to impress, and did a good job as Gordon did not spit it out, which is always a positive sign. Chef, was next and impressed with his dish, even though it “lacked in presentation.” JI was next and Chef Ramsey loved her dish, proclaiming that it seemed as she had been cooking for fifteen years instead of the four she admitted to. Big guy, Robert, was up to impress and failed to do so saying that he was more than just a Shrek, whatever that meant.

Next up was Lacey who was the first to have it spit out by Ramsey. Danny, a self-proclaimed redneck did a hideous job with his dish and Giovanni, Charlie, LA and J failed to impress. Chef Ramsay next was inspired to spit out Colleen’s dish, and passed on her self-proclaimed etiquette lesson she had hoped to dispense to Ramsay.

Andrea impressed as did Paula but Seth, a confident fellow who saw himself a lot like Chef Ramsey, heard Ramsay say that it was “Possibly the worse dish he had ever tasted on Hell’s Kitchen.” Ben, from Chicago, impressed Ramsey with the presentation, as well as the dish, saying it was the best dish on the men’s team.

Chef Ramsey then announced that the prize was bigger than ever with a $250,000 pay-out and a Head-Chef gig at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City. Ramsay then went on to say that it was the best group ever in Hell’s Kitchen, based on the signature dishes presented by the chefs. Gordon sent the teams to the dorms to think up team names and to get acquainted with each other. Both teams were struggling with the team names and were up bright and early the following morning to prep for the opening of the restaurant.

As the teams settled in, Lacey dropped a bomb on her fellow chefs as she announced that she had no line experience what-so-ever, which immediately put her on the low end of the cooking stick. As soon as she began the low-end cooking job, Lacey delaired, “I quit,” and marched out of the kitchen.

On the Blue Team, Seth admitted that he had never even worked in a restaurant before giving the men their own cross to bear. Lacey came back to work and Ramsay gathered the teams. Charlie immediately was called out by Ramsay to snip and clip his unruly beard and Lacey was no better in attitude or performance after her quitting spell.

Chef Ramsay had Jean-Philippe open the doors and Hell’s Kitchen was back in business. Giovanni and Carol were called out as waiters by Ramsay because of the number of the bodies in each kitchen and the orders were flying in pretty quick.

Big guy, Robert ruffled the feathers of Ramsay early on when he talked over Ramsay as he was calling out the first order to the Blue Team. Ramsay immediately cussed at him for doing so and had Robert do the food order to the kitchen and then turned his attention to the Red Team. Gordon immediately zoned in on “Miss Manners’” as he called her, and had to correct Colleen for trying to “improve” on his menu by adding extra ingredients to his dishes.

With a power outage plaguing the kitchen, Chef Ramsay tried to rally the two teams to get the dinner out. Colleen again attracted the wrath of Ramsay as he watched her use a dirty pan to cook a new order released to the kitchen. The blue team actually started to get out entrees at a pretty good clip, but the red team, led by Colleen, was struggling with spaghetti, of all things. Poor Seth quickly got the nickname of “Forrest Gump” from Ramsay as he called him out for some stupid error he pulled and Gordon Ramsay once again spit out a dish made by Coleen as she put sugar instead of salt into the Risotto.

The Blue Team’s good start quickly came to a screeching stop as Wil slowed the entire team down with his incompetence at the garnish section. With three hours elapsing and entrees not going out, customers started to leave at a fairly brisk clip and Chef Ramsay blew a gasket and yelled for Jean-Philippe to stop the dinner service completely in his traditional scream, “Shut it down!”


Chef Ramsay had to pick a winning team, even though he called both teams “Weak.” Ramsay then said that since both teams performed equally as bad that Giovanni and Carol, who had been pulled out as waiters for the night, would be the deciding factor with the comments supplied by the customers. Carol received a positive 80% comments from the patrons and poor Giovanni had a 90% disapproval rating, leaving the men as the losers for the night.

Ramsay sent them up to their loft to elect two to come before Ramsay to be the first eliminated. Wil was nominated by the other chefs and even nominated himself saying that he “Wanted to take responsibility.” Seth and Giovanni were both being eyed by the chefs, as well, but Giovanni said that “There was no way he was being kicked off for being a waiter.” At the nomination ceremony, Wil was nominated by his team mates as was “Forrest” Seth.


Robert was willing to come up for Wil as Seth was being completely thrown under the bus by the other chefs and they wanted him gone for his seeming incompetence in the kitchen. Ramsay quizzed each of the chef-testants as to why they should say and in the end, sent home Wil, in a shocker, even though he made a fairly impassioned plea to stay to Chef Ramsay. Ramsay noted that even with the plea by Wil, he just didn’t seem to have the will to stay.

Next week, in what was described as a guaranteed “shocker” we are supposed to see something that we have never seen on Hell’s Kitchen, which is usually true.

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One Response to “Hell’s Kitchen Starts With Promise But Ends In Disgrace For One”

  1. janicepink Says:
    February 15th, 2009 at 7:07 am

    IMHO, Seth was more deserving to be booted off the show because Wil was better than him. But may be his creepy character would be more entertaining that’s why he was chosen to stay. But what really shocked and disappointed me was Ji’s surprising withdrawal in the 2nd episode’s elimination. She was clearly better than Colleen and Lacey but her injury was bad. What she did was noble though and I hope that they would bring her back to the show. I found that she has a web site, http://www.chefji.com with photos and you can email and even vote as to whether to have her back to the show!


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