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13: Fear Is Real — The Killer Is Revealed!

January 30, 2009 08:56 PM by Ryan Haidet


The final eight contestants on the CW‘s 13: Fear Is Real were back at it — they were all accusing each other of being the killer. But tonight was different because the guessing game ended for viewers since the killer was revealed!

Ted pulled the guys together to call Rodney out as the prime suspect. Rodney denied that he was the killer and asked Ted to formally accuse him. But Adam wasn’t so convinced — he thought Ted was the killer and was accusing others as a form of reverse psychology. “You think about any kind of horror film, it’s not really the person you think it is,” Rodney said.

Back To High School

Outside by himself, Cody was ordered by the Mastermind to find a package inside one of the tunnels and to take it back to the other contestants. Inside was a letter that said, “A going away present for you.” Inside they found a scrapbook filled with newspaper clippings about deaths related to an area high school. Shortly after they boarded a bus to go on a little field trip to the old high school.

“Well I hated high school, so first of all I’m not excited to be going to a high school,” Leah said. “Second of all, I was a big nerd. I stayed in and did my homework while all my friends were going on dates and dances. I was always in doing schoolwork and hating my life.”

Upon their arrival, the eight remaining 13: Fear Is Real contestants seemed genuinely frightened by the dark, empty hallways. “Here we go with where Leah has her nervous breakdown,” Leah said.

Inside what appeared to be a gym, they saw cobweb-covered pictures of the six “murdered students” they had read about in the Mastermind’s scrapbook. “Guests, this is a shrine to the six murdered students in the scrapbook,” the Mastermind echoed over a loudspeaker. “The serial killer kept a trophy from each of his victims — their class ring. The six rings are hidden in each of the dead students favorite classrooms. Six of you who find a ring will be safe. The two who fail will go to the Execution Ceremony.”

Obviously frightened by their task, one of the contestants chirped out, “I’m gonna pee on myself.”

Securing Safety Through Class Rings

Each of them grabbed a video camera and roamed the halls as electrical wires started sparking sending screams throughout the halls as the challenge began. Melyssa went into the journalism classroom and read a clue on the chalkboard regarding dead fish. Upstairs in a strobe-lit room, Rodney and Adam came across a multitude of mannequins and started their search for a ring. Cody went to the biology classroom and found a clue on the chalkboard that referred to a dead pig’s throat. So he grabbed a dead pig from a jar and cut its throat open and found the first class ring.

As Melyssa was digging through dead fishes Erica came in and found the ring in that room first. Next, Nasser found a ring inside a football. Then Adam found a ring on one of the mannequin hands. Ted decided to go to the Spanish classroom and ripped apart a pinata, which was filled with all sorts of animal guts — and that’s where he found a ring. In another room, Ted, who had already found a ring, grabbed the last one from inside a desk and passed it off to Melyssa.

Rodney and Leah didn’t find a ring and were condemned to the Execution Ceremony where one of them would be eliminated.

After the challenge, Ted said in a confessional that he had helped the girls in that challenge because he wants to get rid of some stronger competitors — that way if he makes it to the end of the game he can face off against who he thinks would be weaker people.

And The Killer Is…

As they all sat around in the hot high school, Cody kept saying how much the killer sucked because of his/her inactivity.

And the killer wasn’t happy.

“The biggest mistake somebody would make in a horror movie is to go alone somewhere and wander off by yourself,” the killer, still with a hidden identity said. “And I was definitely looking for somebody to catch them wandering off alone.” And that’s what it seemed everybody was doing. “The guys here are running around more and more. Doing stupid things and kind of exploring. And it was the perfect time for me to get to the Death Box without anybody noticing. Everybody’s calling the killer a wuss, but I think I’ve got everybody exactly where I want them — not expecting the killer to kill. But a lot of people expect me of being the killer — I am exactly that. ”

Rodney reached into his bag and grabbed the Death Box. “I am the killer. The next person that’s caught trippin’ alone with me, I’m gonna kill.”

A Look Inside The Killer’s Mind

Rodney seemed hungry for his second kill as he scoped out what the others were doing. He said that being the killer is much more difficult than everybody thinks because it’s hard to get people alone.

He said on the first night that when he knew the Death Box was in play he laid on the back porch, pretended he was asleep and snuck off to grab the it. He said that after he grabbed the box, the moment became really intense and exciting.

Then he explained that when he saw Steffinnie alone at the cabin a few days later that he had to take the opportunity to kill her off.

The Pendulum Swings

Guests, if you had any sense at all, you would’ve noticed the huge crate I have left in the middle of the room,” the Mastermind said. “Leah and Rodney, this crate contains your fate.” Everybody was ordered to pack up their belongings and to leave the room immediately. Both Rodney and Leah would be summoned to the challenge when the Mastermind was ready for them.

As they gathered downstairs sitting along the rows of lockers, the group could hear the Mastermind’s Minions hammering away in preparation for the Execution Ceremony.

When the sun set and the high school was cloaked in darkness, the Mastermind called for Leah and Rodney.

They climbed the stairs and were blindfolded before entering the room where the Execution Ceremony was set to take place. Each of them were then laid down and strapped to a metal table with their hands outstretched far above their heads.

When their blindfolds were removed, a TV popped on showing that they were at the bottom of a pendulum. That’s when some gears started up and a large blade began swinging back and forth as their platform raised ever closer to their “impending death.” The first person to untie their hands and escape would be safe and remain in the competition.

After several minutes of struggling, Leah escaped first. But Rodney was determined and was using his teeth to untie his hands. He pulled so hard at the ropes that he actually yanked out one of his front teeth! That must’ve killed — how ironic! The problem with the ending of tonight’s episode is that it was so incredibly predictable. Viewers had to know there was some reason the killer was revealed — and when Rodney was sent to the Execution Ceremony, it became obvious why. The producers had to reveal that he was the killer knowing that his last moments in the competition were just ahead.

And with that, the killer was dead — from the competition at least.


Leah came back to the group and was so excited that she was the one spared from death. But her excitement was short-lived because the Mastermind ordered the group to grab their belongings and get back on the bus to head to the worst place they had been to yet.

Now only seven players remain on 13: Fear Is Real. Next time, the group is on the hunt for the Death Box and a new killer could be born!

Photos by Patrick Wymore/The CW 2008 The CW Network.

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