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Dancing With The Stars: 12 Cast Rumours!

February 02, 2009 05:00 PM by Paulene Hinds


Dancing With The Stars has a full dance card with all of the cast rumors that have been flying around for the upcoming eighth season of the show. So far the list includes the names of celebrities most likely to appear to those in the not happening category. Check the list out for yourself below!

The latest name on the rumor list is football star Lawrence Taylor. This rumor hit the web yesterday and was started by none other than Ashton Kutcher! He wrote on his twitter page that he met up with the Lawrence Taylor at the Superbowl and that we can expect to see him in primetime soon…adding that he couldn’t say where, but he better work on his footwork. This could be a real possibility. Football players have always done well on the show, most of them placing in the runner-up spot and one evenwinning the mirror ball trophy.

The next rumor was started by Dancing With The Starsco-host, Samantha Harris. She said that she would like to see the Sexiest Man Alive, Hugh Jackman on the show. This too could really happen. The actor is also a song and dance man who has appeared on Broadway in the past.

The View’s co-host Sherri Shepherd has admitted that she would love to do Dancing With The Stars, not so much for the dancing, but to get close to the hunky dancers, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Tony Dovolani. Too bad both guys are taken, but this is another name you should keepyour eyes on in the coming weeks.

Another serious possibility for this season is the return of Olympic Gold medalist Beach Vollyball player, Misty May-Treanor. After departing last season after only three weeks,due to an achilles tendoninjury that required surgery, she stated that she would love to return to finish what she started.

One of the first rumors to hit the dance floor for Dancing With The Stars season 8 was that of Steve-O. The Jackass star would likely take the funny man spot on the show. It has been reported that he auditioned and even made a verbal agreement to be on this season, so who knows? Hopefully he will continue to stay on the wagon from his drug and alcohol addiction long enough to compete on the show.

Dancing With The Stars always seems to have one beauty queen and this season the rumored starlette is Heidi Klum. She has admitted that she loves the show and right now she has a break with Project Runway being locked up ina legal dispute…perfect timing!

This one is new to us on Reality TV Magazine, but you never know! Actress Kirstie Alley is said to be eyeing a spot on the show. The fact that so many actors and actresses have reshaped their bodies while on the show could be her incentive. We have seen it work and no doubt it would be enticing for her to appear.

Stevie Wonderalso said that he was toying around with the idea of being on Dancing With The Stars and although he would be the first blind contestant, he wouldn’t be the first with a disability. Marlee Matlin who is deaf did the show and Heather Mills danced her way across the floor with only one good leg…she is an amputee. Stevie Wonder did say that if he did the show, he would like to lose weight first and come onDancing With the Stars looking hot!

In the maybe category, we have both American Idol judge, singer and choreographer,Paula Abdul and singing sensationDonny Osmond. Both have hinted in the past that they would love to do the show, but unfortunately their schedules are full for this season. Paula Abdul istaping season 8 of American Idol and Donny Osmond is doing a Las Vegas show with his sister, Marie who took home third place on season 6 of Dancing With The Stars! Sorry ladies and gentlemen, but you will have to wait for another season to see these two shake their booties!

Okay…the least likely or not happening,celebrities that have been rumored to be doing Dancing With The Stars are Kevin Federline and Cindy McCain.

Although Cindy McCain was apparently approached by the producers of Dancing With The Stars either she or more likely her husband John McCain put the kibosh on the idea citing knee problems. John McCain has all the fun doesn’t he?

As for Kevin Federline, the has-been back up dancer and ex-husband to Britney Spears has denied that he wants to do the show to regain his status as a star. Themain reason we think he said no, if he was approached,is the fact thathe couldn’t handle another blow to his ego when he became the first to be voted off show! Come on, admit it, the guy is creepier than Steve-O!

Well that is the list so far, all twelve of them. Do you think any of the above listed stars will take home the mirror ball trophy? The Dancing With The Stars contestantlist will be released soon by ABC, but until then join in on the fun and tell us what you think on our message boards!

Reality TV Magazine is your stop for all the Dancing With The Starsnews! For more Reality TV news visit Sir Links A Lot: Reality Television. Also, come join us on the new Reality TV Magazine message boards and talk about your favorite show!

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