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The Bachelor: Jason Mesnick Brings The Ladies To Seattle

February 02, 2009 08:26 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on the Bachelor, Jason Mesnick brings the bachelorettes to his hometown of Seattle, Wa.Three of the girls will get asked some uncomfortable questions on a radio show and Jason finds out some juicy details about how they see him. Naomi and Melissa will finally get their one on one dates with Jason, but he has some tough questions for the ladies. Find out which bachelorette’s family Jason won’t be meeting next week…

Chris Harrison joins the final five ladies and tells them that Jason sees a future with all of them. There will be two one-on-one dates and one group date with no roses on any of the dates. He also tells them that they will all be travelling to Seattle to visit Jason and Ty.

When they arrive in Seattle, the bachelor tells them that Melissa gets the first date. Her date card says “let’s hit the town in style.” Melissa is waiting for Jason to pick her up at 7:30 and come 8:00 he still hasn’t arrived. Jason calls her and says that Ty doesn’t want him to leave so he asks if she could just come over to his house and chill with them. The girls are jealous that she gets to meet Ty first.


Melissa walks up to his house and there’s a note on the door telling her that Jason is putting Ty to bed and she can come in. She cleans up a little after the bachelors and waits on the couch. Finally Jason comes out and tells her he’s asleep and that although he’s not ready for anyone to meet him, she can peek in and have a look. They start to have a serious talk by the fire and make out for awhile. Back at the house, the girls are stewing about how Melissa has gotten the best date thus far.

The date card comes for the group date and it is for Stephanie, Jillian, and Molly, which leaves Naomi for the one-on-one. Naomi is especially relieved since she hasn’t had even one date alone yet. The bachelor meets the ladies on a ferry boat and takes them on a tour of the city. He wants to make sure they can see themselves in Seattle. Later on, he takes Stephanie aside. They go up to the top deck and she tries her hand at the wheel.

Then they all go for an appearance on a radio show where the girls are sequestered while they ask Jason questions. Back home, Naomi and Melissa are listening. They ask him what his best date so far was and he said the date with Stephanie on her daughter’s birthday. Then they ask him right now who is the best kisser and he says Molly. They suggest blindfolding him and having him kiss each girl to see if he can figure out who’s who. First, Jillian, then Stephanie, followed by Molly. He guesses them all correctly. Now they bring the ladies out and start asking them questions. They get asked one very uncomfortable final question about what happens when the lights go out.


Jason Mesnickfeels like he needs to talk to Jillian because she is acting differently. She tells him that the stress of having other amazing girls there is getting to her. He asks her if she has realistic expectations of having passion in her life 24/7. She says she wouldn’t have been ready for this a year ago, but she is now. Meanwhile, Naomi gets her date card and it says, “don’t look down or you might fall … in love.”

Later on, the girls ask Jason how he knew who kissed him and he says they are all very different. He asks Molly if she would like to take a walk with him and he shows her some of his favorite spots. They stop by the water and have a serious talk about her family and then kiss for awhile.

The next day, Naomi and Jason go on their one-on-one date and take a helicopter ride over Seattle. Then they go to an indoor rock climbing wall and Naomi feels right at home. When they get to the top they have a talk and Naomi asks him what he’s looking for in a wife. Then they go to have a romantic dinner by the fire. Jason tries to get to know more about her family and Naomi says she is really independent of them. Jason fears that her past issues with abandonment will affect their marriage.


The next day, the girls get a surprise visit from Jason. He asks if he can take Jillian out for awhile. He tries to figure out where she stands and she starts to get a little bit emotional. He tells her she needs to open up and stop trying to be so strong for the other girls. Chris talks with Jason about the remaining girls. He says he feels like he’s waiting for something to happen with Melissa and that she’s too good to be true. He thinks that Stephanie is the sweetest woman in the world. He feels that Molly will be alot of fun and that Jillian could break his heart. He says the chemistry has developed slowly with Naomi and he’s learned alot about her recently.

THE ROSE CEREMONY: The bachelor comes in and tells Naomi that he still needs to talk more with her. He asks her if she’s truly ready for his lifestyle. She tells him that she is and he says that was all he needed. Jason comes back out and hands the first rose to Jillian, and the next to Melissa. Then he calls Molly leaving one rose. He gives it to Naomi and sends Stephanie home. Jason looks at Stephanie and tells her that he wants to say something in front of everyone. He says she is the most amazing person he’s ever met and they are all better for knowing her. She says that she is thankful she could be there and hopes her story can inspire someone. Stephanie knows that everything happens for a reason and she is okay with it.


Next week Jason meets the families!

The Bachelor airs on Mondays from 8 PM to10:00 PM ET on ABC.

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Photo Credit: Adam Larkey/ABC

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