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True Beauty: Beauty and the Beach

February 02, 2009 09:28 PM by Lisa Stauber


ABC’s True Beauty is back, and last week CJ Miller was finally sent home after three trips to the Hall of Beauty. Billy is exhausted from his ordeal, but is looking forward to returning to the house. Meanwhile, the other contestants decide to have a Goth party and everyone’s getting dressed up to play.

Chelsea’s impressed to find out that Billy is a Chippendale dancer, and the girls convince him to give them a show. Chelsea says she’s a hip hop dancer. “It’s just a joke to me,” she says, then she lets Billy give her dancing lessons. Vanessa arrives with the challenge.

The Challenge
It’s another team challenge. Ray and Chelsea, Billy and Joel, and Laura and Julia are partnered up. Vanessa directs them to go upstairs and pick out one personal item they cannot live without. Ray, an artist, chooses pencils. Billy has a protein bar in his sock, and he wants to take his purse. Yes, his purse – or “murse” – man purse. Julia picks makeup, Laura picks a curling iron, and Billy tries to pick his murse. Vanessa tells him he has to pick one item. Ray is mad that Billy pointed out that he has several pencils, and has to repick. He decides on a brush. Billy also comes clean about his Powerbar, and has to give it up.


Tomorrow, the beautiful people will be shooting a 30 second video spot for an organic company about Natural Beauty, and they’ll be heading out to prepare today. The secret challenge is judgement about teamwork during a 5 mile hike and the video shoot the next day.

Chelsea and Ray bond over mocking Billy. “He’s an idiot,” Chelsea says. Joel and Billy groom each other’s hair during their hike. Julia and Laura are both used to camping and the outdoors. Chelsea’s freaking out, looking for snakes, wildcats, and hating the way nature smells, but Ray is trying to help her keep it together.

The hike ends at a campsite set up on the beach. “We’re never going to have a moment like that again in our lives,” Joel says, as he comes on the scene at sunset. Laura and Julia are the last to arrive, and Dave, the president of the organic lifestyle company shows up to tell them what to do to give them the details of their assignment.

Ray takes his clothes off, again and runs around. He just can’t keep his pants on.


The Shoot
Dave arrives and wakes them with a bull horn. They are allowed to get dressed, but there aren’t any mirrors and they can only have what they brought with them. They’ll be judged by how well they shoot the video for their partner.

Laura thinks Julia’s walk is unnatural, but her message was good. Chelsea doesn’t know how to work the camera. “Dumbass,” Joel says. Chelsea fails her challenge. Joel micromanages the shoot, and Billy does what he says and gets a pass on the challenge. Laura decides to go topless, but covers with a towel because her implants aren’t exactly organic.

Billy decides to try out a lifestyle shoot at the lifeguard house. The lifeguard won’t let him touch the house, but Joel tells him to do it anyway. The lifeguard shows up and tells them they must get at least 10 feet away. “If these cameras weren’t rolling, I’d have whupped his ass,” Joel says. The judges are not impressed.

Chelsea finds a seal and wants it in her shot. She takes several takes, and the judges are happy with how much patience Ray is showing. She has trouble walking, talking, and keeps getting distracted by the seal.


Judgment Time
Julia’s embarrassed by her video, and Nole isn’t happy either. “You were so unnatural,” he says. Laura’s video was sexy, but Cheryl Tiegs wasn’t convinced. Ray’s theme is “Natural beauty is a choice”, and the judges like the concept but not the execution. “I thought I looked really good on camera,” Chelsea says. “You did not sell the product correctly,” Nole Marin tells her. Cheryl likes Billy’s video and thinks he was very natural. Joel is disappointed with the camera work. “His video sucked,” Nole says.

Billy is the winner, and Chelsea and Joel will be heading to the Hall of Beauty. Joel’s confident that he can beat Chelsea, but Ray tries to give her a pep talk. Nole is worried about Joel’s temper, but Cheryl doesn’t think that Chelsea is consistent. She photographs well but has trouble being beautiful in person. Vanessa notes that Joel has won two challenges.

They can still redeem themselves through the secret challenge! This week the setup is a gardener who is watering plants and is going to accidentally spray the contestants. Joel passes the test, keeping his temper and brushing off the water. Chelsea is gets watered, too.

Chelsea thinks that she should stay because she’s not perfect, but she’s a good person. Joel thinks he should stay because he doesn’t want this experience to end. Nole tells Chelsea her styling is wrong and she needs to figure out how to work her beauty. Cheryl thinks Joel’s attitude is not professional. The judges decide that Chelsea is going home tonight.


They make her face her bad behavior. She sees footage of her calling Julia a fake, making fun of Billy, and walking by the crying wardrobe assistant a few challenges ago. The final straw was how she lost her cool and used a four letter word when she was sprayed with the house. Chelsea thinks that Joel has no inner beauty and that she’s definitely a better person than he is. “I’m a little baffled,” she says, as she leaves.

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