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Hell’s Kitchen Loses A Tough Competitor In A Fluke

February 05, 2009 09:20 PM by DA Southern


Hell’s Kitchen showcased the first episode as Chef Ramsay was encouraged when the best taste-testing ever took over the kitchen. The taste-testing success quickly vanished as we saw both kitchens disintegrate into shoddy non-teams. Seth was already pushing the buttons of his team members by telling them that they “Were stuck with him” and the women were already tearing into Lacey because her walking away from the team when they needed her.

The chef’s stayed up probably later than they should of and at 5:49 am, in came a high school drum core to be the alarm clock for the chefs. Chef Ramsey showed them the trash wasted from last night’s service, but instead of making them go through the trash, instead they had to dive into large crates and grab their scallops for preparation.

Chef Ramsay then showed them the proper way to shuck scallops and the competition began with men against the women for who could shuck the most as a team, and, of course, they were to meet Chef Ramsay’s strict standards.
“Un-Shucking-believable” was the catch phrase as many of the women failed to deliver for Chef Ramsay. In the end, the women could only manage 35 perfect scallops, but it appeared that it might be enough to win.

It was now the men’s turn and they seemed to be keeping up with the women until Giovanni did shucking great as he managed a whopping 13 out of 15 scallops shucked, Seth bombed badly but managed to tie the women with one left to go. It came down to J who needed one scallop to secure the victory for the men. J walked up with 6 scallops and Chef Ramsay quickly dismissed the first five as bad. J managed to impress with the final scallop and the boys got a trip with Chef Ramsay to Catalina Island.

The men were off to Catalina Island with Chef Ramsay sans Robert, who was taking a ferry ride to the island to meet the guys because he was a bit heavy for the helicopter as the women were prepping the Raw Bar by shucking all the items needed for the bar. Lacey, in her usual drama-mode, decided to lay in bed as the women prepped for the Raw Bar.

Lacey finally showed up and the drama didn’t end as JI got hurt when she slipped in some oil on the floor. After a quick check-over it was discovered that JI injured her ankle pretty severely and it was thought that she may have to miss service or even go home, but she decided to stay.

As the teams came together for the service, Chef Ramsay talked about the Raw Bar and that it would give extra time for appetizers to be prepared and put out by the teams and sent one of each person from the teams to manage the Raw Bar.

With the kitchens in full-blown restaurant mode, we actually saw, even with all of the drama that would probably follow, that the kitchens seemed to be putting out dishes like an actual restaurant, but it was early and anything could happen in Hell’s Kitchen.

Over in the Red Kitchen, the women were struggling with risotto, which always seems to be problematic for the chefs and poor JI was putting on a brave face but you could tell her ankle was not getting any better. With Carol failing Chef Ramsay with the risotto, Andrea had to step in and take the reigns, saying that she would always have to step in and take over.

Chef Ramsey was not done with the women, when the culinary teacher, Colleen, was continuing to disappoint and he got so frustrated with her and her inability to cook scallops that he called Lacey, of all people, to help her out. Chef Ramsay could take it no longer and finally asked her to leave saying that, “You’re a thief, you’re robbing people” (for charging people to learn to cook). Colleen, always deviant, said that she was not going to allow Ramsay to break her in the end.

Over in the men’s kitchen, thinks seemed to be flowing a bit better, but Chef Ramsay was having his issues with Charlie and had Ben come over to get the risotto out and was extremely annoyed when the spaghetti lobster was on its way out with no lobster in it.

With about three hours into the service, a strange happening was occurring in the first time in Hell’s Kitchen this early in the season; a service was looking to be completed by at least one, if not both teams. Chef Ramsay announced that the first team to complete the service would be the winner, and with three tickets each to go out, the teams pushed to the end.


In the end, the men pushed out their ticket before the ladies, sending the ladies to make a decision on who would go before Ramsay. Chef Ramsay was congratulatory to JI about not giving up in spite of her injury and chided Coleen about her cooking, or lack of it.

When the women were up in the loft, Lacey was being “It’s not fair” all over the place to the frustration of the other team members as she was trying to plead her case. Colleen was being trashed for being sent packing by Ramsay and it was pretty clear the two of them were going before Chef Ramsay very soon.

Colleen and Lacey were nominated by the women and stood before Chef Ramsay to tell why they should stay. Lacey told Chef Ramsay that she now had confidence and should be allowed to stay to show him that she could compete and also assured Chef Ramsay that she was 100% committed. With the claws out, Lacey took Colleen to task by reminding Chef Ramsay that she had to take over the station for Colleen before she left.


As Chef Ramsay was about to render his decision, JI raised her hand to volunteer to go because of her ankle injury and Chef Ramsay leaned down to her and told her that she was courageous and that she could keep the jacket out of pride.

In the end, Lacey and Colleen both dodged a bullet and it will be interesting to see if either one of them will be able to pull their reputations up in the eyes of Chef Ramsay.

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One Response to “Hell’s Kitchen Loses A Tough Competitor In A Fluke”

  1. janicepink Says:
    February 8th, 2009 at 10:09 am

    I really feel bad to watch Ji leave. She was such a tough competitor who easily became my favorite because she’s one of the few ones that has the potential to go all the way. What she did was noble though, a selfless act that made me admire her even more. I hope that they would bring her back to the show. I found that she has a web site, http://www.chefji.com with photos and you can email and even vote as to whether to have her back to the show.


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