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American Idol: David Osmond Gets A Second Chance On Entertainment Tonight!

February 06, 2009 11:00 AM by Paulene Hinds


Although we never got to see David Osmond sing on Wednesday night on American Idol, we did learn during one of the Ryan Seacrest voice-overs that he was cut from the show during the group round. Many of us, were shocked and wondering exactly what happened to make this sweet voiced singer get his exit ticket. Well we have found out what happened and also learned that he is going to get a second chance to sing…on Entertainment Tonight!

“It was crazy. It was insane,” David told ET. “I’m sitting there in the Kodak Theatre [with the] judges to my right, my group’s there ready to go and my voice slips away.” David also said, “By lunch, I started to have a vocal problem. I didn’t know what it was. I wasn’t sick or anything. By dinner, I couldn’t sing a note. I couldn’t get a tone out, and I had full-blown laryngitis within about eight hours.”

Losing his voice could possibly be the reason why his group was edited out of performance shots. It would have been nice for American Idol to acknowledgehis groupat least, knowing how many people were waiting for him to get up and sing with his group. Instead, they spent a tediously long time on showing us the good girls gone bad scenes, which were full ofback-stabbing and over-the-top crying jags!

This was David Osmond’s last year to compete for American Idol, due to the show’s age restriction, but he will get a second chance to perform for America, and you can actually see it this time! ET is going to give him his big break tonightwhen he appears on their show!

David Osmond’s uncle, Donny Osmond, isfrom the famous Osmond singing group. Hehas appeared on Entertainment Tonight as a commentator in the past, covering the ABC show Dancing With the Stars while his sister Marie Osmond competed on the 5th season in 2007.

It pays to know someone in the business, that is for sure! Regardless, it will be nice to actually get a chance to seeDavid Osmondsing, even if it is one last time, which we highly doubt!

With David Osmond having Multiple Sclerosis, which confined him to a wheelchair last year, maybe his exit from American Idolis a blessing in disguise! The show may not have been the propervenue for him to show his talents and the stress may have been too much for him.At least histime on American Idolgot him noticed, and now he can use the opportunity to step into the spotlight and shine!

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