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13: Fear Is Real — A New Killer Is Born!

February 07, 2009 01:53 PM by Ryan Haidet


Although he was able to eliminate one player as the killer on 13: Fear Is Real, Rodney couldn’t escape “death” in the Execution Ceremony when Leah defeated him. With only seven players remaining on the CW‘s spooky show, a new killer is born when the Death Box comes back into play — and this new killer doesn’t wait long before taking their first victim.

No Place Like The Slaughterhouse

The group had gathered on a bus and headed off to their new location — a nasty, hot, smelly slaughterhouse. There were bones, saws and blood everywhere. After they found their bedrooms, the three girls took one, Adam and Cody joined in another while Ted and Nasser shared the third.


After staying at a cabin, abandoned military fort and a haunted high school, Adam said that the slaughterhouse had been their worst home so far on 13: Fear Is Real. “It smells like death and hell all at the same time,” Adam said.

After a night’s rest, the sun rose and illuminated the bright red blood that covered the walls. After everybody woke up the Mastermind chimed in over a loudspeaker. “Last night Rodney was killed off in the Execution Ceremony — Rodney was the killer.” Then they were told the Death Box was hidden in the kitchen. The first person to find it and take it in secret would become the next killer.

A New Killer Stalks

The scavenger hunt began as the group searched under bones, in gross sinks and on the floor. Erica eventually spotted it on a table and quickly grabbed it and took it back to her bedroom. After hiding the Death Box, she returned to the sweltering kitchen and pretended she was still searching for it.

With that, a new killer was on the loose.

After a tiring search, the group assumed somebody had already found the Death Box and returned to their bedrooms. Cody tied a cord to the door knob so he could pull it shut and prevent anybody from trying to break in and kill him off.

Later that night, Ted felt the Death Box could still be in the kitchen undiscovered. But Erica was ready for first blood when she realized Ted was out in the dark kitchen by himself. She snuck out to the kitchen with the Death Box in hand and approached Ted. He quickly realized she was trying to “kill” him and told her to stay back when he saw she had the Death Box. She quickly retreated and went back to sleep as Ted ran off and went back to his room. He told Nasser what had happened. But Ted wasn’t worried because he had a plan. He told Nasser that they needed to join with her so she can have the opportunity to kill other competitors off without revealing her secret.

The next day at lunch, Ted pulled Erica aside to let him know that he was an ally. He said that he would not accuse her of being the killer and that he was willing to be her alibi so she could take somebody out of the game. He asked her to target Adam and Cody, which she seemed fine with.

The stage was set.

Another Victim

That night, the girls joined to go shower when the guys went off to the restroom. Cody was the only person who stayed behind in his bedroom. Erica was able to sneak away from the showers without the other girls knowing. She went straight to Cody’s bedroom. “Knock knock. It’s the girls,” she said. He let her in and she killed him off. When Adam returned to his room, he saw the bloody glove from Cody’s death. “Guests, Cody is gone,” the Mastermind said. “One of you killed him and the body has been disposed of. There are only six of you left.”


The remaining players discussed their whereabouts at the time of Cody’s “murder.” Everybody was accounted for, which hid Erica’s identity as the killer extremely well. So far Ted’s plan was working.

Like A Rat In A Cage

It was time for the Ritual. Three players were told to take an envelope hidden under their bed and to follow the instructions inside. It was a map that led them to a door. And behind that door was a small, rat-filled cage that they were forced inside as the Mastermind’s Minions locked them in. Each player was then left in the dark as their partner had to search for them. The last couple to return to their bedrooms would face off in the Execution Ceremony.

The partners had no idea how to find their teammate, but followed their screams as they echoed throughout the slaughterhouse. After finding the room, each partner was tasked with reaching their hand into one of four holes. Each hole held a nasty surprise like cockroaches, but one held the key to freedom.

Erica saved Melyssa first. Ted rescused Nasser next. That left Adam and Leah condemned to the Execution Ceremony. The flirtatious couple was about to be split.

Just Like Saw

The next day, the Mastermind summoned them to film their final words before boarding the bus and heading off to the Execution Ceremony. Each felt the Execution Ceremony was bittersweet because they each really cared for the other, but wanted to continue on in the game.

The bus pulled up and arrived at a dark house. Once inside they were taken into a dank bathroom when they were ordered to handcuff themselves to the pipe near the floor. In a very Saw-like challenge, the first person to free from their handcuff would get to continue in the competition. They were told everything they needed to escape was inside the room. That’s when the toilet started to overflow and fill the room with water. Then some snakes were unleashed into the bathroom as the two struggled to find their way to freedom.

Adam took apart a pipe from the sink, which gave him a clue to check behind the vent. He found another clue there, which said, “You are on the right track. The key to survival is thinking on your feet. Cut yourself free or feel like a heel.” Attached to that clue was a saw. He took off his boot and cut through the heel where he found a key hidden inside. He unlocked himself and left the flooding bathroom. Leah was killed off as Adam left her behind.


With that, only five contestants remain. Next week it looks as if Erica strikes again and kills off another player.

Photos by Patrick Wymore/The CW 2008 The CW Network.

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