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The Bachelor: Jason Mesnick Meets The Parents

February 09, 2009 09:14 PM by Britteny Elrick


Jason Mesnickwill be visiting the hometowns of his remaining four bachelorettes on tonight’s Bachelor. Some families will make Jason feel right at home, while others will ask him to give a eulogy for their dead bird. Melissa shocks Jason when she tells him that her parents aren’t comfortable with meeting him in such a public way. Find out which girl won’t be accompanying Jason next week to New Zealand…

The bachelor reminisces on the four remaining ladies and talks about their journeys together and his concerns about each girl.
Jason Mesnick’s first stop is British Columbia to visit Jillian. She takes him on a little tour of her hometown and tells him stories about her childhood. They visit an old winery where they sit by the fire and Jillian opens up to Jason. She tells him that her mom battled depression for fifteen years and it almost split up her parents. This causes her to get really emotional and Jason is happy that she is finally letting her walls down.

The lovebirds go home to meet Jillian’s family and he is greeted with open arms (and a Canadian flag wrapped around him). Jillian is very excited that Jason seems to fit in extremely well. Her mother reads a poem and gives a toast to the couple. Then her mother asks Jason for a private talk. She asks him some tough questions about his expectations in marriage and how he resolves conflict. She then tells Jason about her depression and how Jillian has been through alot. Meanwhile, Jillian tells her sister that she has never felt like this before and that Jason actually listens to her. Later on, Jillian talks with her mother and Jason talks with her dad. Finally, Jillian’s grandmother arrives and she gives Jason some boxers. Overall, the date was a huge success and Jason says the bar is set really high.


The next day the bachelor is off to visit Molly’s hometown in Michigan. Jason is feeling nervous given Molly’s warning about necessary parental approval. They go golfing at the country club, and then have a picnic. She tells him how she has only ever brought one guy home because she didn’t want to disappoint her parents. They go back to the house and have small talk with her parents, when all the sudden her mom brings out a bunch of giant hats and forces Jason to wear the Indian one. Then her sister comes over, and they jump right in and grab a hat as well. Molly’s mother brings Jason downstairs and instructs him to draw a picture of his favorite Molly face. Upstairs, Molly’s dad makes her promise that if she loses she won’t CRY in the limo.(now that’sa good dad) Molly’s mother said that she can tell Jason would fit right in with their family.


Now Jason travels to California, where he’s going to try to make sure that Naomi is ready for his life. Immediately, she addresses what happened at the last rose ceremony and reassures him she’s ready. Then they head over to her family’s house and Naomi is a bit nervous about their craziness level. When they arrive, his mother brings out a bunch of hula hoops and Naomi’s entire family have a contest. Jason wasn’t quite coordinated enough to keep it going. Then things get serious as Naomi’s mom tells the group a story. She tells them how a dove died on her windshield (que little kid running inside to grab it out of the freezer). They bring out the dove and the mom asks Jason to give the eulogy as they bury it.

Then Naomi’s dad sits Jason down for a serious talk. He asks him about religion and Jason says he doesn’t have much of a background in that area. Then, Naomi’s mother interrupts and she starts getting very new agey on him. She talks about reincarnation and the fact that they are in the same “soul family.” Naomi talks to her dad and he expresses concerns about Jason’s lack of religion, but Naomi says she doesn’t really care. She tells her family that she would definitely say yes if Jason proposed.

Jason is overly excited to visit Dallas and Melissa’s family (hmmm, foreshadowing?). Melissa presents Jason with a gift for Ty that she made. It was a box for his tooth to give to the tooth fairy. Then, Melissa drops the bomb. She tells him that her parents aren’t comfortable with meeting him on TV, so he will meet her friends instead. Jason is concerned about pursuing something with her without meeting her family.

They arrive at Melissa’s best friend’s house, where there are two couples waiting to meet them. They all sit down and have dinner, but Melissa is really worried that this might skew Jason’s decision. All of the sudden, her friends start rehashing all of her past failed relationships and how Melissa really doesn’t bring anyone around. Then the girls talk and Melissa starts to tear up talking about how she loves Jason. Jason and the boys play pool downstairs and Jason tries to get some info about Melissa. He thinks she’s too perfect. They tell him about how she has been mistreated in the past and has given up on finding someone. Jason asks her girlfriends about Melissa’s parents, but they haven’t met them either. He finds it peculiar. They go back to Melissa’s suite and they talk. She explains that her parents are very private people and Jason doesn’t seem to understand how she could be the way she is.

Finally, the bachelor arrives back home and has a talk with Chris Harrison. They talk about all of his dates and Jason was impressed with all of them. Jason still has reservations about Naomi and her adventurous streak. He is also disappointed not to have met Melissa’s family.

At the rose ceremony, Jason tells the girls how much he has loved meeting all their families. First, he calls Molly and then Jillian. He chooses Melissa and Naomi is sent home. He tells her that he feels they are in different places and she isn’t the right fit at this time.


Stay tuned next week as Deanna Pappas pops in to try to convince Jason she made a mistake!

The Bachelor airs on Monday, February 9 from 8 PM to 10 PM on ABC.

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  1. Flealips Says:
    February 10th, 2009 at 10:29 am

    Did anyone else notice how Stephanie (The widow..I think that is her name) make such a crude comment about how when she is with a man in bed she will make sure he is satisfied and how she will kiss him all over!! What a thing to say in front of Jason…How stupid was that!


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