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American Idol 8: Last Chance in Hollywood!

February 10, 2009 07:05 PM by Candace Young


In this, the second week in Hollywood on FOX’s American Idol 8, the remaining contestants will perform for the judges with a back up band, or an instrument if they like, in what will be their last shot at winding up in the top 36! At the Kodak Theater, Ryan Seacrest explains that the contestants will be divided at the end of the day – with some going through, and the others not!

At the beginning of the day, Adam Lambert is draws to go first. The judges had previously told him he was too ‘theater’, but today he sets out to prove them wrong by belting out a Cher song! Matt Giraud from Kalamazoo is up next singing Georgia On My Mind. Simon Cowell had told the American Idol hopeful that he reminds him of Elliot Yamin – today, he gets a standing ovation from the judges!

Danny and Jamar, the best friends that came to Hollywood together, are feeling the tension as they wait in the holding area. Earlier, Jamar had done a great job singing with both Paula Abdul and Kara DioGuardi beaming after his performance. Danny, who last week was told by Paula that he was ready to record, sings I Hope You Dance this time around, and equally impresses.

Anoop and Jorge are two other males who get the judges grooving in their seats. Scott Macintyre, a keyboard-playing hopeful gets a standing ovation from Paula Abdul after his performance and says it was the best time of his life out there! But it’s not all boys on American Idol 8, Kendall Baird, Stevie Wright, and Lil Rounds all wow the judging panel. Contestant Kristan MacNamara has a difficult time with another hopeful named Nancy, but has no problem impressing the judges on stage!


Mishavonna Henson is taking another shot at becoming the American Idol, after she was cut on day 2 of the Hollywood round last season! Tatiana Del Toro, who has made a name for herself trying out a variety of songs on the judges, is today limited to only one – and she makes the best of it! Backstage, she tells Ryan Seacrest that she is confident she was awesome! Jasmine, another talented American Idol 8 hopeful, also does very well.

Some of the contestants have their final opportunity ruined by nerves and forgotten lyrics. Those same performers have ended up in the same holding room at the end of the day. Tatiana is with them, but is called out. She is taken to another room, which sets the people waiting there on edge.

Nick Mitchell takes the stage as his alter ego, Nick Gently. He hops up on the piano and hams it up as he sings. Randy Jackson laughs, and Paula Abdul shakes her head. Those who end up in the same room as Nick at the end of the day are worried that it might not be a good thing! As the American Idol Hollywood round continues, Anne Marie, an early favorite, performs, hopeful that she’ll make it into the American Idol 8 Top 36. Ju’not is another singer who takes the stage today, and does pretty well.

Contestant, Kara, sings in Hollywood today, but ends up crying after Simon stops her song. Leneshe, another contestant, dons a fedora and gives it her all and is confident, but later, after hours of waiting, she starts to doubt herself. Kai and Michael Sarver are two guys who maybe did not do as well in this round as they did previously – they end up in the same room at the end of the day.


By the end of the night, all four holding rooms have been filled with very anxious American Idol hopefuls. Simon Cowell has to catch a flight back to London, and leaves the job of breaking the news to the contestants to the other three judges.

The judges head first into Room 2. Paula says they started out strong, and Randy says the performances were sporadic, but it’s a ruse – this room is coming back! The celebrations are overheard by the nervous bunch in the next room where contestant India waits. Paula, Kara, and Randy come in and talk about how difficult a task it is to make these decisions, then tell them it’s the end of the road for them.

Two rooms of American Idol hopefuls are left. One room will go through, the other will not. Room 1 has been waiting the longest. Finally the judges come in and Randy asks how they’re feeling. He hesitates briefly for hollering that they’re through! Adam Lambert and Lil, are among the talented hopefuls in this room. In the last room, the contestants are nervous wrecks as they hear celebrating coming from down the hall. Tatiana is a basket case as Paula tells her that her sobbing is making this harder than it needs to be. The room is stunned to find out that they have also made it through!

At the judges’ mansion tomorrow night on FOX, these American Idol hopefuls will now have one last chance to sing their way to the Top 36!

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Photos Courtesy: FOX

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