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The Biggest Loser Couples Starts to Slim The Couples Down Again

February 10, 2009 08:46 PM by DA Southern


The Biggest Loser Couples begins its 100th episode with weigh being lost by someone and a new focus as the teams start to prepare for the final stretch and what will invariably be another twist before game’s end as the teammates settle into a routine once again. Last week saw the troublesome Joelle sink her and her partner, Carla’s chances, leaving Bob free to actually train others and giving the rest a chance to grab some spotlight time.

Ron and Mike, who have been struggling keeping above the yellow line for the last two challenges, had the two chatting about what they needed to do to change their workout routine. Host Allison Sweeney came in to greet the losers and gathered them outside to the first ever “Pop Challenge” that Alison soon explained. The losers were told they had to stand on a block on one foot for the typical family award that was supposed to make everybody cry because they wanted to see their loved ones.


Everyone was up on their blocks but Ron and Mike, the Brown Team, barely lasted thirty seconds. Kristin was out next, followed by Dane, and then Tara, who took a header into the pool. Cathy took the next step off and Helen managed to take her and Shanon both out, leaving Both Blue Team members and Yellow team members. In the final stretch, Yellow Team members, Mandi and Aubrey, Filipe, and Blaine all fought it out for a loved one to spend twenty-four hours at the ranch.

Filipe stepped off for Mandi thinking she needed to see her husband more than he did and Mandi managed to convince everyone that she was more deserving to see her family member and one-by-one they stepped off to give Mandi the time with her family.

Bob was in and was not surprised to see Joelle and Carla gone, but had words for the Brown Team as did the rest of Bob’s team. Bob was convinced that the Brown team was struggling with their diet knowing that were actually not eating enough. In the end, Bob knew that Mike was the key for the Brown Team to keep them in the game.

Jillian was concerned that Mandi was not going to be the best to have a family member visit as her husband was not encouraging in the beginning for her to even be on The Biggest Loser and Jillian thought she might lose her focus.

Bob was out doing some Yoga with his team and some of the losers seemed a bit out of their element as the Yoga session transpired. In the end, all of the losers were getting into it and found the spiritual element a bit refreshing as opposed to the gym workouts. Of course, Jillian was brutalizing her losers and found Laura of the Green Team a bit unfocused in her workouts and thought she could be the new Joelle.

Bob was funny when he took out his team to eat at Subway; the worse part, they were walking there and back. Bob got them to a Subway, but told hem they were going to another Subway two miles down the road. That Trainer Bob; Such a kidder.

A nighttime challenge was the loser’s fate this time as Allison Sweeney told the losers that they all had to hold a bar over their heads, with each team member holding an end of the bar. The team that held the bar up the longest won immunity at the next weigh-in.

The teams all actually were competing fairly aggressively and after forty minutes, no on had bailed out yet. At sixty minutes, Allison said they could no longer switch arms and several teams started to struggle. The Blue Team, Filipe and Sione were the first ones out, followed by the Brown Team.

Black was next out leaving all of the females in competition for immunity. With two hours in, Pink Team went out, flowed by the Yellow Team, leaving Purple, Kristin and Cathy, and Green Team, Tara and Laura, fighting for immunity. After over four hours, Green dropped their bar giving Cathy and Kristin immunity for the next weigh-in.

Mandi got her face time with her husband and for and extra bonus, her two little boys showed up as well to spend some time with their mom at the ranch. What was nice was to see Mandi proud of what she did at the ranch each and every day and by the end of the twenty-four hours, you could see her husband actually had come around to her being at the ranch.

Last chance workout was brutal for Bob as he was determined to not have Brown Team, Ron and Mike, not fall below the yellow line. Bob even commented that if the Brown Team fell below the yellow line, it would be the first team he could not help. Jillian was her usually brutal self to the losers telling them that it is a brutal time in the gym that would last all day and all night so they should be used to it.


Mandi was freaking out because she missed her family and they were leaving and Jillian was concerned that her head was no longer in the game; exactly what she knew would happen before the family even arrived. Mandi had not worked out all day and Jillian knew they did not have the numbers if she and Aubrey fell below the Yellow line.

The Weigh-In:

Alison talked about the importance of their partners and told the teams that only one team would be falling below the yellow line and that the disintegration of the teams was now starting as the remainder of the teams would start to split up th teams because there was only one Biggest Loser.

Purple Team, Kristin and Cathy had immunity but Kristin gained 2 pounds and Cathy lost 4 pounds. Thank God for immunity!

Pink, Helen and Shanon, lost 5 each, for a 2.16% loss
Green Team, Tara and Laura, lost 11 and 3 pounds, for a 2.85% loss
Blue Team, Filipe and Sione, lost 10 and 11 pounds, for a 3.37% loss
Black Team, Dane and Blaine, lost 5 and 4 pounds, for a 1.41% loss
Yellow Team, Aubrey and Mandi, lost 1 and 6 pounds, for a 1.57% loss
Brown Team, Mike and Ron, lost 13 and 5 pounds, for a 2.59%

The Black Team fell below the yellow line and for the first time since the start of the season, the Black Team was being split up. With both of these guys very much liked, Blaine volunteered himself to go home probably because of the new baby in his home.

It looked like the decision was pretty clear cut this week but yet, the remainder of the teams still argued about who to send home. What was the weirdest part of the clearest elimination ever, was that it caused the biggest argument yet this season. Welcome to The Biggest Loser and how game play rears its ugly head at just the right moment.

Pink Team voted for Dane in the first vote, but Brown voted for Blaine to go. Green Team gave Blaine his second vote and Blue added another vote to Blaine and it looked as if Blaine was headed out of the house. The Purple Team finished off Blaine and the Black team was split up for the first time since the season began.

Since leaving the ranch, Blaine had lost 86 pounds and did so while training for the Iron Man competition and wanted to be the winner of the runner-up prize.

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