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True Beauty Physically Fit, But Mean

February 10, 2009 09:25 PM by Lisa Stauber


ABC aired True Beauty tonight, instead of its usual Monday time slot, but the Beautiful People haven’t changed. Joel’s on his way back, after Chelsea was sent home. Ray’s hoping Joel got sent home, because he’s a tough competitor. Joel informs the other contestants that even though they might be friends, it’s still a competition and he’s out to win. Looks like this episode will be a fun one!

Laura introduces us to her Mr. Bear, a stuffed animal that she likes to talk to. “It’s the only way to have an intelligent conversation in this house,” she says. Billy thinks she’s cute and likes to flirt with her. He heads off to make a protein shake. Ray is still mad about Billy throwing him under the bus last week, when he tried to pass his “murse” off as a personal item.

Weekly Challenge
This week the test is on sportsmanship and courtesy. The contestants think they’ll be tested on physical fitness, but the judges want to see how they treat the volunteers. Joel’s stoked to find out about the challenge. “Anything that involves physical fitness I’ll win, hands down,” he says. Laura’s upset that she has to wear ugly sneakers, and has to go change her outfit so she’ll look better.

Vanessa tells the Beautiful People that they’ll have six physical challenges, including an obstacle course, and they’ll have an overall fitness score at the end. The volunteers are teenagers who will be moderators and helpers. The kids gym teacher is on hand to supervise and warm the contestants up. First up is a weigh in, but hostess Vanessa Minnillo has tampered with the scales to add ten pounds. How will they react?

Billy sees he’s 203, and he’s not happy about it. Julia is 135, but she laughs off the extra weight. Joel blames the extra on the shoes, and Ray just shakes his head. Laura weighs in at 118 and can’t believe her eyes. “I almost threw up!” she says.


Julia can’t do many pull ups, and blames it on her implant surgery. Billy takes time out to counsel the boys on nutrition, and warn them against steroids. Then he starts talking about his shakes, his meal plan, his snacks… he goes on and on. Joel rocks out the pull ups and push ups. Ray beats Joel’s push up score by 1, and Joel isn’t happy. “He’s a cheating bastard!” he says. Billy takes the time to point out to the moderators that Ray isn’t straightening his arms enough, trying to disqualify him.

“I don’t work out,” Laura says, and she can’t do a single pushup. The gym teacher, an overweight middle aged woman, tells Laura she beats her score all the time. “Whatever,” she says, walking off. The real test comes next, at lunch time.

The kids are eating with the contestants, and all the cool kids are at one table, while one kid eats by himself. Billy notices the loner kid, but goes to sit with the cool kids. He fails, as does Joel. Julia sits right down with the lonely kid and gives him a compliment on what a good job he did weighing the contestants. Laura doesn’t bother to talk to any of the kids. Ray talks to the cool kids, and actually makes fun of the loner kid. “He’s going to grow up to be a sniper,” he laughs. The judges are shocked.

Vanessa reveals that the teens will be judging. They weren’t very impressed with Billy, who talked too much. The kids think Laura’s pretty, but self absorbed. They liked Julia, though. “She’s nice,” one says. Ray gets bad marks and was uncaring. They liked Joel, too. The teen judges have decided that Laura and Ray are the losers, and Joel is the winner.


“Honestly, I thought that I would be safe, since there were four boys,” Laura says. “What is going on?” Ray wonders. “This sucks!”

Secret Challenges
“I’m confused about today, Ray,” Billy says. He’s upset that Laura might go home tomorrow. She has to pack, and it’s taking forever. She never wears the same things twice, not even bathing suits. The judges aren’t surprised to see Ray is up for elimination, and noticed that Laura complained all day long.

Ray decides not to wear a suit to be judged, but Julia and Joel both tell him to change his outfit. “I hope they see me as an individual,” he says, as he tries on outfit after outfit. “I’m just gonna roll in there and give them a big fat smile,” Ray says, confident that he won’t be sent home. “Ray has to be sent home eventually in order for me to win, but I hope it’s not now,” Joel says. Laura and Billy have a tearful goodbye.

The secret challenge this week is a test of compassion. An actor who looks like a homeless man collecting cans will spill his cart. Will Laura and Ray help him? Laura stops and helps him put everything back in, and shakes his hand. Ray helps, too. How will the judges decide?

Hall of Beauty
Laura thinks that she should stay because she’s funny, real, and beautiful. It’s just not her time. Ray talks about excellence of execution, and how he’s taken the judge’s advice from last week to heart. Nole tells Laura that she’s the sexiest woman in the house, but is baffled that the teens voted her the least beautiful. “Why didn’t you give it your all?” Cheryl Tiegs asks. Nole tells Ray he has to take risks if he wants to stay in the competion.


The judges are sending Ray home, and Laura is safe. Now Ray must face his past bad behavior. Vanessa shows him footage of his behavior with the wardrobe lady, reading other people’s files, and making fun of the kid at lunch. Ray agrees that he takes things too far sometimes, and he’s just going to take it easy from now on.

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