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American Idol: The Final Judgement For Top 36

February 11, 2009 09:26 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight the American Idol judges invited the final 54 contestants to a Hollywood mansion. The judges had reviewed the tapes and were going to take one more look at the contestants to decide on the top 36. Before the contestants could sing for America’s vote they had to face their final judgement. Tonight some dreams would be realized while others came crashing to the ground. The contestants have been given a chance to prove themselves, a chance to shine, a chance to become the next American Idol. Tonight with a thrown in twist, many had to sing for their lives. Who chose the right songs and did enough to impress the judges? Keep reading to find out who made it into the top 36 and will get to sing for America’s votes!


The contestants all made their way into the holding room and Anoop Desaiwas the first person to make the long journey into the judges den, where they waited to pounce on their prey at any moment! Anoopwasn’t eaten alive andwas the first to make it into the top 36.Von Smith made it through too.

Cody Sheldon the horror movie maker is up next and Simon Cowellasks him to sing again for the judges. Cody sings and as he leaves he met up with Alex Wagner-Trugman who isn’t happy about having a sing-off with his friend. The two guys wait outside as the judges decide their fate. They are called back into the room and the judges pick Alex to stay.

Adam Lambert, the guy who sang Cher’s hit song “Believe” in the solo round was the next through after being hung on a string by Simon Cowell for a minute or two.

Taylor Vaifanua sat in front of the judges and Randy Jackson welcomed her to American Idol season 8. Then American idol showed a quick list of the following female contestants who made it into the top 36. They were Jasmine Murray, Arianna Afsar, Casey Carlson, Megan Corkrey, Mishavonna Henson andStevie Wright.

Joanna Pacitti entered the judges room, hoping to keep the girl’s winning streak alive. The girl connected to two American Idol judges and has already had a recording contract made it through. Hopefully she will learn the lyrics before the next round!

More verdicts were handed outand the tension was mounting inside the holding room. One by one the next group of males left the room with their dreams crushed, but a young ladynamedKendal Beard, entered the room and had to hear from Paula Abdul that her song choices were boring. After the judges deliberated they thought that the news wasn’t great…it was fantastic. She was in!

Jenn Korbee, the girl whomade it to the Hollywood roundwith her husband (he didn’t make it past the group round) had to have a sing-off with Kristen McNamara. Simon was hoping for the very attractive blond to go through…hmmm they both were? After much arguing from Paula Abdul , Kara Dioguardi, Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell the final verdict was that Kristen made it through. Simon Cowell told the two girls that it was the wrong decision. I guess Jenn must have been the attractive one.

Alexis Grace, the young single mother, also made it into the top 36.


Next Scott Macintrye, who is sight impaired unanomously makes it. Ryan Seacrest didn’t try to high-five him this time though.

Lil Rounds entered the room and made it into the top 36. Simon Cowell said she was a good old fashioned singer.

At 4:00 PM there were still 30 contestants left waiting to hear the news.

Next the judges went through a number of contestants that didn’t make it through.

Frankie Jordan and Jesse Langseth were the next contestants pitted against each other. The judges decided that they were choosing Jesse even though they felt that neither of the girls should go through. Simon Cowell told her not to feel to bad, because she would never have won and neither will Jesse based on her performance.

Next a group of contestants went through and were told no by the judges and by 5:00 PM the mood was very sombre in the holding room.

Allison Iraheta entered the room and told Kara DioGuardi that she gave it her all during Hollywood week and all of the judges agreed with her! They said that she has raw natural talent.


Danny Gokey was asked by Randy Jackson how he dealt with the pressure of Hollywood weekand Danny said that he thought that he did well, but knew that there was room for improvement in his performances. Simon Cowell told him that he needed to be different and revelant andDanny said that hecould be. He made it through.

His buddy Jamar Rogers was in the hot seat next and Kara DioGuardi told him that the risks he chose in Hollywood didn’t pay off, and although hewas a good singer, he would not be going to Hollywood. The waiting area was in shock!

At 5:20 PM a string of guys took the long walk upstairs and allwere sent through. They are Ricky Braddy, Matt Giraud, Junot Joyner, Jorge Nunez, Brent Keith Smith and Stephen Fowler.

The spots in the American Idoltop 36 were filling up fast and funny guy Nick Mitchell (Normund Gentle) was offering to clean Simon Cowell’s limo and even be a butler to Paula Abdul if he did get through to the top 36. The judges said that they had the hardest time deciding on him and he made it.

As it neared the end of the day and the holding room began to empty, Jackie Tohn wandered into the judges room. She was feeling confident about her performances and shewas welcomed to season 8.


Uggghhhhhhhhh…then there was Tatiana Deltoro, the wack job. She brought along her lucky charm, a star from Paula Abdul. She was so upset that she couldn’tbuy a star ring, so Paula Abdul gave her her own! They didn’t keep her there for long, I wouldn’t either…she needed her meds! Nathaniel Marshall made a grimacing face at her as she entered the holding area freaking out. He should really look inward, he is just as freaky himself! Maybe the two will hit it off, they would make a great couple…or not.

Next Nathaniel Marshall, the emotional kid who had a hard life and Jackie Midkiff went head to head in the sing-off. The judges called them back in and Nathaniel began to cry as they told him he made it through.

Ryan Seacrest said that today they saw dreams shattered but for some, the dream remained alive especially for Jeanine Vailes, Kai Kalama, Ann Marie Boskovich and Kris Allen as they all made it through!

The last two contestants to sing-off tonight were Matt Beritze and Mike Sarver both hard working guys hoping to make it big for their families. After the judges deliberate, both of the guys made it through with a “big congratulations babies,” from Randy Jackson!

Over the next three weeks, the top 36 will compete in groups of 12 for your votes on American Idol. Next Tuesday the first group will consist of Casey Carlson, Stephen Fowler, Jackie Tohn, Ricky Braddy, Ann Marie Boskovich, Brent Keith Smith, Alexis Grace, Michael Sarver, Stevie Wright, Danny Gokey, Tatiana Del Toro, Anoop Desai.

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