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13: Fear Is Real — Two More Killed Off

February 13, 2009 08:45 PM by Ryan Haidet


The final five contestants on the CW‘s 13: Fear Is Real remained at the nasty, hot slaughterhouse — and it was really getting to Ted. The constant darkness, heat and boredom was making him feel like he was losing his mind. “You start legitimately going nuts,” he said. And it was a busy episode tonight because two more were killed off as the competition winds down.

Ted and Nasser approached Erica (the newest killer) and said they wanted to concoct a plan to kill off another player. So she told him that she doesn’t really have the Death Box. It really confused Ted, because he helped her kill off Cody a day before. She still pretended she wasn’t the killer, which really irritated Ted. “I can’t stand her,” he said. “We can’t let her win the money. I don’t care who wins at this point, it cannot be Erica.” So he said that he was ready to expose everything and call her out for being the killer.

Revealing Some Secrets

Ted told Adam that he knew who the killer was. Adam was shocked, but disappointed to hear that Erica had killed his best friend, Cody.

Erica’s secret made Adam realize that he couldn’t do anything alone. “Erica remains the killer and there’s really nothing we can do about it other than watching each other’s backs,” Adam said.

The next morning, Erica called Adam into her bedroom and he told her that he knew something bad but he couldn’t tell her what it was. In a confessional, Adam said that his goal was to make her uncomfortable with the fact that he knew she was the killer.

Never Go Alone!

The three guys went to the showers when Adam realized he had forgotten his boxers back at the bedroom. So as Ted and Nasser showered, he tried to sneak off to his bedroom so he could get his underwear. Erica saw him as he ran by and cornered him in his bedroom. With that, she had killed off Adam as his screams echoed throughout the slaughterhouse. What were you thinking, Adam? That close to the top prize and you let it slip away for a pair of boxer shorts?!?!?!?! Just like the idiotic characters in horror movies, you thought you were safe and fell right into death’s trap.


Nasser and Ted heard him calling for help when they realized he had been murdered. Melyssa woke up completely oblivious to what had just taken place. She found her way to the showers and that’s where Ted explained all the things that had been happening. The group gathered together and walked back to Adam’s room and saw the bloody glove left on his bed. “Guests, Adam is dead,” the Mastermind bellowed over a speaker. “The body has been disposed of. There are only four of you left. The Death Box has claimed its third and final victim. Now for your group ritual, walk down stairs.”

Escape From Insanity

As they walked through the dark tunnels of the slaughterhouse, they finally arrived in a room with four straitjackets on the floor. They were ordered to put them on and then the Mastermind’s Minions came out in the dark to tighten their straps. The last two people to escape their straitjacket would be condemned to the Execution Ceremony. Everybody started struggling under the strobe light as a large snake was released into the room. Erica was really panicked because it was so dark and she couldn’t see the snake slithering across the floor. That panic really motivated her since she was the first person to free herself.

The next to break free was Nasser. He raced up the stairs, leaving Melyssa and Ted to face off in the Execution Ceremony where one of them would be killed off.

Erica was rallying Melyssa because she really wanted her to survive the Execution Ceremony. “You have to come back,” Erica said. “You have to.”

Prior to the challenge, Ted was on a workout blitz. He was doing dozens of push ups and pull ups. He jogged around the slaughterhouse. He was determined and focused to conquer. “Getting rid of Melyssa will be like killing a piece of Erica, and I really hope that I’m able to survive tonight. Just for that.”

Car Crushers

As storm clouds passed overhead, the Mastermind summoned them to the Execution Ceremony. After recording their final words, they both boarded the rickety bus, which took them away to the fatal challenge.

The bus rolled to a stop and dropped them off in a junkyard. “There are two cars in front of you,” the Mastermind said. “Each of you stand behind one. I have something to show you.” That’s when large compactors activated and crushed the two cars before them. Ted looked extremely excited wile Melyssa looked somewhat nervous. “Now, open your trunks.” That’s when the Mastermind’s Minions pushed them inside and locked them inside. Then forklifts took their cars and placed them under the crushing compactors. Melyssa started to panic as she prayed. “The first person to escape the trunk will live. The other person will be crushed.” Inside each of the trunks were tools to help in their escape. As the compactor crashed down on their cars, they each worked faster and harder. Ted started kicking at the trunk and worked his way out first. With that, Melyssa was left behind and killed off.


Ted left with a bloody hand and arrived back at the slaughterhouse.

Now only three remain — Ted, Nasser and Erica. Who be the last to survive to win the $66,666? Find out in next week’s haunting finale of 13: Fear Is Real.

Photos by Patrick Wymore/The CW 2008 The CW Network.

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