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Survivor: Tocantins — Carolina’s Short Survivor Stay

February 13, 2009 02:29 PM by Ryan Haidet


After spending just three days in the Brazilian Highlands, Carolina Eastwood became the first casualty of Survivor: Tocantins. Her tribemates felt she was too bossy and opinionated so they sent her packing in the season’s first blindside. This 26-year-old bartender from West Hollywood, California, answered a barrage of questions during a conference call and covered everything from the long walk to camp to her favorite past contestant.

After the rickety truck they had been riding came to a stop, the 16 new castaways were told they were about to participate in a four-hour walk to camp. “It was so hot that day,” Carolina said. She said that although it was absolutely exhausting, they had fun, too. “You don’t see us bonding. Our tribe laughed the whole way there. Stephen ripped his pants and you actually hear me on the show saying, “‘Oooo I’m going to see booty on the first day.’”

Although she only spent a few days there, she said that JT is definitely the leader of the Jalapao tribe. “He reminds me of an Ozzy. He’s amazing.” She said that Stephen is sitting back and watching others play while Spencer thinks he’s the leader.


At the first Tribal Council of the season, the Jalapao tribe overwhelmingly voted against Carolina — seven to one. “You try being snuffed by Jeff Probst, it doesn’t feel good.” She said she was shocked, surprised and humbled by that moment, but it changed her life for the better. “The rest of the game wasn’t for me and I really just had to observe everything and learn from the experience.”

She said that after she got eliminated that she couldn’t stop laughing, which was her way to deal with the stress. “I played a game and I wasn’t going to beat myself up about it. I have no regrets. Things happen in life the way they happen. I got to play a game that I will always cherish and will always be close to my heart.”

But Survivor is something Carolina says she recently discovered only after getting recruited for the show. “When I got recruited for Survivor, CBS was amazing and they gave me every season and I watched every single season and I am the biggest fan of Survivor.” She said that the show is incredible because it changes lives for the better. “There’s so much beauty that comes out of that game. … I am the biggest fan of everything Survivor represents and I’m so proud to say that I was on it, even if it was for one episode.”


And after watching every previous episode, Carolina says that one past player really sticks out in her mind. “I loved China, I love Todd (Herzog). Todd always made me so happy. Believe it or not, I’m going to take it way back, I loved Australia just because I think that cast’s challenges were so easy. … I loved that season because noone really knew about Survivor. Noone really knew how the game was played it was just kind of raw. … I love me some Todd, though on China. He just made me happy.”

Now that her stint on Survivor is over, Carolina hopes new opportunities will come. After moving out to Los Angeles by herself three years ago she has had high hopes of nabbing a role as an actress or hosting her own show. “Hopefully Survivor will open some doors for me, I’m going to be honest. But if it doesn’t I’m still going to work hard to accomplish my goals. I believe if you really work hard on something no matter what it is, you can accomplish it.”


She also wants to bring more awareness to domestic violence and rape. “To really get those charities known to the public because its such a taboo subject that noone ever wants to talk about. And hopefully with Survivor I could use that growth to get more money involved, to help change some lives. If you don’t give back, you’re not living.”

Would she play the game again?

“If CBS called me right now, I’d be running out of the house. I’m in my PJs right now. I’d be running out of the house with no shoes on. Of course I would do Survivor again. What would I change? I wouldn’t get voted out first! Oh no! If I ever did Survivor again, I’m winning it!”


Images courtesy of Monty Brinton/CBS.

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