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The Amazing Race 14: Premieres Tonight

February 15, 2009 07:33 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on the premiere of CBS’s The Amazing Race 14, eleven teams will depart for Switzerland in the race of a lifetime, with a million dollar prize up for grabs. Among the cast of characters this year, is a Margie and her son Luke, who is deaf. Luke is competing to give inspiration for people with disabilities and considering he and his mom were the first to arrive at the pitstop, it looks like he has already accomplished that. Continue reading for the rest of the details….

The teams are taken by military aircraft to California, where they will depart on the first leg of the amazing race. First, the teams will be travelling to Locarno, Switzerland. They have a choice whether to arrive in Zurich or Milan first.

The teams divide almost evenly between the two flights, one leaving earlier than the other. Now the teams are on ground and taking a train to Switzerland. The flight attendants, Christie and Jodi, meet a local who is willing to take them exactly where they want to go. Once in Locarno, they must travel to the Church of San Antonio and receive their next clue from the priest. The flight attendants are the first to reach the church and they receive a card that tells them what time they can depart in the morning -7:15, 7:30, or 7:45. Preston and Jennifer are already off to a bad start and keep fighting – they are also the last to arrive. The contestants camp out overnight.


ROAD BLOCK: In the morning, the teams must find the Verzasca Bridge, where one team member must perform the first road block of the amazing race 14. leap off the second highest bungee jump in the world. Victor is the first one to complete the task and now they must take a train to a surrounding town and find their next clue. Jodi and Christie are stuck at the bungee jump and neither can get up the guts to do it. Finally, Jodi takes the leap.

After the teams complete their road block they must take a train to complete another task. When they arrive, they must transport 200 lbs of cheese by carrying it on their backs down a hill. As they go down the hill it is very slippery and full of the leaves so the teams are having a very hard time balancing. Almost every team has fallen and broken the contraption attached to their back that holds the cheese. Many of them have resorted to sitting down and sliding down the hill. Linda is having such a hard time, she can’t even make it up the hill to get the cheese.


Next the teams must travel to another city where they must find a group of yodelers and make it to the pitstop. The first team to arrive is Margie and Luke, the mother and son team (Luke is deaf). They win a trip to Puerto Vallarta. Coming in a close second, is Tammy and Victor, brother and sister attorneys. Third, is the stuntman brothers. Mel and Mike, father/son team are the fourth to arrive. Fifth is Amanda and Kris, followed by Brad and Victoria, Jamie and Cara, Kisha and Jen, Steve and Linda. It’s a footrace between Preston and Jennifer and Jodi and Christie for tenth place. In the end, Jennifer can’t run and Preston carries her, but Jodi and Christie pull through. Preston and Jennifer are the first team to be eliminated from the amazing race.


The Amazing Race 14 airs Sundays at 8 PM ETon CBS.

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Photo Credit: CBS

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