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The Bachelor: Jason Goes On Overnight Fantasy Dates

February 16, 2009 08:08 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick whisks the ladies away for a romantic overnight date in Queenstown, New Zealand! Although Jason is attracted to all three of the ladies, he has specific concerns and questions about each one that he hopes to resolve during their time together. Find out which bachelorette’s heart will be broken tonight and which two ladies will be meeting Ty next week…

The bachelor’s first date is with Jillian and he picks her up via helicopter. They take a ride over the mountains and lakes. Eventually they land on a ledge that overlooks most of New Zealand and have a picnic together. She tells him that she’s looking for a best friend in her mate, but Jason is still looking for the passion in their relationship. He hopes that he will find that tonight.

Later, the couple gets dressed up for a romantic dinner at a winery. Jason asks her how she is feeling about him. She says she gets butterflies and every moment with him exceeds her expectations. She tells him that she’s crazy about him and she is sure that he is meant for her. They kiss and Jillian asks Jason if he has something for her! [in reference to the overnight date invitation] I guess she was trying to break the tradition there… Of course, they go back to the fantasy sweet for the night. But first, things get really hot and steamy inside the hot tub.


The next day it’s time for the bachelor’s date with Molly. It’s raining outside, but Molly is still excited and greets him with a huge kiss. He covers her eyes and shows her a bridge that they are going to bungee jump off of. They are both extremely afraid as they stand on the edge, but finally they jump.

Then they go and have a light lunch, when Molly tells him she has a small list of questions for Jason. She pulls out a HUGE, long piece of paper and starts drilling him [they are fun questions though]. She asks him all but one question and says she will ask it later. Jason’s concern with Molly is that things are too laid back and not serious enough.

That night the couple has dinner together, but Molly is nervous on the ride over. She knows Jason needs to see her emotional side, but isn’t sure how to show it. They start talking and Jason feels like he has to pull things out of her. He tells her that when he was with her family, he noticed that her parents sat on the opposite sides of the couch, as did her sister and her husband. Molly tells him that they aren’t a mushy family, but just because they don’t act that way it doesn’t mean they aren’t. She tells him she has had a wall up, but she wants it to come down. She finally says that she is falling in love with him. She hands him a card that had “her last question” on it and of course, it was the overnight stay question. [Molly has no idea that Jillian did the same thing in "taking initiative" by asking Jason the question first]. Nonetheless, they spent the night together after taking a romantic bubble bath.


The final date is with Melissa. Jason still has reservations about not having met her family, and Melissa is scared about it as well. They have a picnic on Winston Churchill’s boat. She tells Jason that she is starting to think realistically and she’s scared. Then they get changed to go in some hot pools. Melissa tells him her favorite date was when they went home. Jason asks if she’s talked to her parents yet, and she says no and she doesn’t understand why they wouldn’t meet him. She wanted them to see how happy Jason makes her.

The couple meets downtown and takes a walk on the dock. Then they have dinner upstairs in a private room. Melissa tells Jason that telling him he couldn’t meet her parents made her really nervous and she asks if it is a big deal. Jason says it is really important to him, but yet he met her friends and no one else’s. Then they go up to the fantasy suite and Melissa tells Jason she is in love with him despite of all her fears. He immediately feels a change in their relationship as soon as she opens up.

THE ROSE CEREMONY: Chris Harrison talks to the bachelor about his amazing dates. He tells Chris that he has slow-growing chemistry with Jillian but he wants more than just a best friend. Then Jason says he felt like Molly was distant, but then she started opening up. Chris asks if not meeting Melissa’s parents is still an issue, and Jason says it definitely is. Then Chris shows Jason individual videos from the three ladies.Jason gets tears in his eyes as he listens to the messages. He says he is falling in love with all of the girls and he doesn’t know what to do.


Finally, Jason goes outside to meet the ladies to hand out the final two roses. He tells them they are the most beautiful women he has ever met, inside and out. Jason gives the first rose to Melissa. He gives the next rose to Molly, which means Jillian will be going home. He walks Jillian out and tells her he has strong feelings for her. He said he’s never met anyone like her, but they have very different lives. She says all of her adventures were for her single life, and now she’s ready to settle down. Jason says he needs more than a best friend, and Jillian says they had that. She gets in the cab and they both start to cry.


Stay tuned next week for a special episode of The Women Tell All and then a suprise visit from Deanna Pappas!

The Bachelor airs on Monday, February 16 from 8 PM to 10 PM ET on ABC.

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Photo Credit: Kevin Casey/ABC

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