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True Beauty Final Four

February 16, 2009 10:24 PM by Lisa Stauber


True Beauty heads into its seventh episode on ABC, and there are only 4 contestants left – Julia, Laura, Billy, and Joel. Billy and Laura are still hot for each other, Julia is still sweet, and Joel is still the buffest. Who’s going down this week?

Ray was sent home last week after making fun of a lonely kid, and Laura will return to the house. Joel was hoping his bud Ray will be back, but Laura’s entrance made Billy’s day. The next morning, the contestants are called outside by the beauty bus honking away in the driveway. The girls are frantically trying to apply their makeup in the limo, which pulls up in front of a salon.

The Challenge
The contestants will be going to a high society function in their honor, with a date. They have to make it through a red carpet arrival and then work the room, charming everyone with the dazzling good looks and beautiful personality. Oh, and their date is someone else’s mother! Julia is going with her own mother, and Laura is going with her mom, Barb. Joel’s taking his mom, Maria. “It was the proudest moment of my life,” he says, happy to see his mama. Billy’s mom couldn’t come, so he gets to go with his dad. “Oh boy. My dad in Hollywood,” he says, but he’s glad his father came down to share the night with him.

They have a day to get ready at the salon with stylist Jordan. Ultimately, mom or dad get to pick the red carpet look and have final say over the clothes. They’ll be judged on how they make their entrance and work the room. Secretly, they’ll also be judged on whether they sell out the other contestants. Jordan’s in on the ruse and will test them to get them to talk about the other beautiful people.

Billy just says that they are all on the same playing field. Julia chats easily and doesn’t rat anyone out. Joel dishes about Billy’s supplements and vitamins, and Laura reveals that she would throw Billy under the bus in a second, despite flirting with him all the time. “Oh, she’s a backstabber,” judge Cheryl Tiegs says.


Billy’s dad has never been in a salon, and Billy watches happily. Julia is a little nervous that her mom is going to be picking her outfit. She likes her dress, though, so Mom did a good job this time! Laura hates her dress. “It didn’t look good on the hanger at all,” she says. Julia’s mom is getting the full beauty treatment, and even requests Botox!

Secret Judge
Ashton Kutcher’s mom, Diane, is on hand at the party, and she’ll be judging how well the contestants work the room. Laura has all of the poses down, like an old pro. Billy has a great time on the red carpet. He says that it was so natural that he didn’t even notice working the room. He gives out the same speech, over and over introducing his dad and giving out his story about coming from Idaho.

Laura spills her drink on herself, and Joel thinks she just blended into the crowd. His goal was to shake every hand and speak to everyone for at least 2 minutes. He thinks he charms secret judge Diane, but is worn out by the time he gets to Vanessa and Nole. Julia’s mom loves people and she’s got a sassy Texas attitude.

The judges have also hired another mole, who acts drunk and has her dress tucked into her pantyhose. Will the beautiful people help a girl out? Laura laughs at her, but Julia and her mom take the girl aside and get her presentable. Diane was very impressed with Joel, but Nole really liked Julia. Cheryl thinks that Julia relies on her smile too much, and that Billy and Julia were simply selling themselves and not genuine at all. Nole found her boring. Diane thought that Laura was a little too into herself.

Vanessa thought Billy acted like a saleman, but Cheryl liked him. Cheryl hated Joel, but Vanessa loved how much Joel cared for his mom. Nole was disappointed in Joel. “I never saw that spark,” he says. The judges are divided, and they all have strong feelings about who should be up for elimination.

Judgement Time
The winner of the night is Billy. He passed the secret challenge, and looked good even if his speech was a little canned. The bottom two are Laura and Joel – both of whom failed the secret challenge and dished on their contestants. Laura’s shocked to be in the bottom, again. Joel is embarrassed to be going to the Hall of Beauty.

“I think the judges might not be seeing the big picture, here,” she says. Joel thinks he’s the clear winner, just like when he went to Hall with Chelsea. “Bottom line, the personality’s not there and it’s time for her to pack up and go home.” Billy’s crushed that Laura might be leaving, again.


Backstage, Cheryl can’t say anything nice about Laura. “Where does she think she is?” Cheryl says. “I feel like she’s this little party girl.” Vanessa says. “Joel is hot,” Nole says, “and his personality fizzled.” Vanessa thinks he was very nice and real. The judges remember how he tried to pick a fight with that lifeguard and told the weeping wardrobe girl to suck it up. “Maybe Laura could be trained to have a personality,” Nole says. “Can we teach someone to have a personality, or can we teach someone how to channel their passion?” Vanessa asks, and the answer to that question will reveal the winner. Who has more True Beauty?

Final Chance
Before the contestants arrive at the Hall of Beauty, and their second chance already happened, at the party. Vanessa asks Laura and Joel why they should stay. Laura says she doesn’t want her mom to feel like its her fault if she goes home, due to her party dress. “It’s hard to feel like a failure, when I got to spend the day with my mom,” Joel says, “and I don’t believe that good looks will win this competition.” Oooh, good answer!

The judges liked that answer, too, and Laura’s going home. She has to face her past bad behavior, including her yelling at a waiter over a drink spilled on her shoes, looking at other people’s secret beauty files, calling Chelsea and the wardrobe girl a bitch, and whining about the physical fitness challenge.


Next week, the judges will be choosing America’s Most Beautiful Person. Click back for a full run down of the final episode of True Beauty!

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