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The Biggest Loser: Sam Rouen Still On The Right Track

February 17, 2009 10:00 AM by Paulene Hinds


The Biggest Loser winner Sam Rouen, lost just over 157 pounds last year on the hit NBCshow and with a lot of hard work and determination he has managed to keep his weight at 186 pounds. He admits that he is still very careful about what he eats andattributescommunity pressure asa motivator to keep the weight off.

Sam Rouensaid that right after he won on The Biggest Loser, he came home and gained 11 pounds, but he lost it right away and is still fauthful to his diet and exercise routine.

In an interview with 9 MSN he said, “At the moment I’m pretty much dieting every day of the week. I’ll have my slip-up meals occasionally which I give myself the opportunity to do but they are usually planned and they come with a price.”

So what is Sam Rouen eating these days to keep the weight off? “I’m on The Biggest Loser replacement meals [which involve shakes, soups and bars], he said. “I’ll have those once or twice a day and then the third meal I’ll just stick to something low calorie…so just some lean meats and some veggies.”

Sam Rouen admitted to 9 MSN that like all The Biggest Loser contestants, there was a lot of pressure to keep the weight off after the competition. “If I have a bad weekend or put on a bit of weight on, the thought does come into your head that people will be saying, ‘Look at that guy, he’s one of the ones that has put the weight back on.’ But it’s a motivation tool that I use for myself to keep me on track, it makes me work harder,” he said.

Along with Sam Rouen’s weight loss success, other things in his life have alsochanged for the better, including his love life. Although he currently is still single he said, “Things have improved in that department.” He even received a few online marriage proposals after the show aired!

Sam Rouen has settled back into life at home and is currently in his fourth year of University. He alsoreturned to his old job at Video Ezy.

Sam Rouen said he did get a little crazy though when he first won the $200,000 prize from The Biggest Loser, loosening the purse strings a little too much. “Just after I won I sort of let loose a bit for a few weeks and went out a lot. I could see how easy it would be to spend a lot of money on nothing,” He said. “I needed to keep my head screwed on so I enrolled back in uni and went back to Video Ezy. I kind of just wanted to keep working hard I guess and not take anything for granted.”

Sam Rouen seems to have found the perfect balance in his life and has put his winnings to good use. He recently put a down payment on his first house and upgraded his old Toyota Corolla for a brand new black Audi TT sports car.

Good for him, the 20 year-old is still right on track and it appears that he has a lot to look forward to in the future!

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