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Project Runway: Tim Gunn Tries To Explain How Fashion Week Will Work

February 18, 2009 04:00 PM by Paulene Hinds


This is usually a very big week for the designers of the reality TV show, Project Runway. For the past six seasons, during New York Fashion Week, the top designers and decoys have presented their collections in New York, but this year due to the legal battle between the Weinstein Company and Bravo over who owns the rights to Project Runway, this season hasn’t aired. Although the designers will still be presenting their collections, they will be unkown designers and this is causing some problems for Project Runway. Tim Gunn has tried to explain how this season will work, but even he seems confused by it all.

Tim Gunn spoke to The Cut newspaperand said, “You’ll see the whole construct of it, but needless to say, the designers whose collections are presented will not be presenting their collections themselves, because then everyone would know who they are.” He added, “In this case, you’ll see the number of collections we present, but you won’t know whose is whose.”

As for the use of decoys presenting collections this year to throw off the public,he said, “It remains to be seen. The most we’ve ever done is five or six.”

Project Runway’s design collections usually create a lot of buzz during Fashion week and whenThe Cut asked Tim Gunn how he was going to get people excited this yearfor the odd runway show in which no one knows who anyone is, Tim Gunn replied, “I don’t know! I’m not sure anyonewill be excited!”

Tim Gunn also didn’t have much information to give out as to when this season of Project Runway may actually air, and when asked if he had any ideas aboutan approximateair date he said, “No clue. I’m confident it will air. But we don’t know when, or where.”

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Photo Credit: New York Post

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