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Getting To Know American Idol’s Alexis Grace

February 19, 2009 02:46 PM by Christine McDow


Today we had the pleasure of sitting in on a conference call and getting to know Alexis Grace, the first person voted into the American Idol Season 8 top 12 on last night’s show. We have to say she was very energetic and that she sounded excited and happy to be in the position she was. We have compiled a list of some of the best questions that were asked and her answers to them.

Question: Because of the set up, do you feel like the third batch of 12 may have an advantage?

Alexis Grace:
That is tough. They could have an advantage or they may realize how much pressure there is. They just need to have a good time.

Question: Does your daughter understand that you are a singer on television?

Alexis Grace:
It would be great if she understood. She watchesAmerican Idolwith my family and she sees me on the TV and screams mom.

Question: Are you nervous about being in Hollywood? Are you going to bring her with you?

Alexis Grace:
I am nervous;I think any mom would be; That is their responsibility.My familywill be traveling back and forth, but this is all to better our lives.

Question: Who would you like from your group to get a chance in the wild card round?

Alexis Grace: That is tough, everyone was good. I think that my groupcould have been the top 12 right there. Iwouldn’t know where to begin.

Question: You didn’t seem nervous when you were singing, how did you pull that off?

Alexis Grace:I was nervous. I don’t know what was going on with the other contestants.I was just thinking thatI was going to make the best of the night and cherish the moment.I did it for my family.

Question: How did you fall in love with your sound?

Alexis Grace: From where I grew up – Memphis.You hear Blues all the time. You listen to soul and when you grow up listening to it that it is how you sound.

Question: Can you see a difference in havingfour judges versusthree in the past?

Alexis Grace:I think it is great that they added a fourth judge.Kara DioGuardiis amazing. Sheknows the business. It is only for better.

Question: What will you,Michael SarverandDanny Gokeybe doing for the next few weeks?

Alexis Grace: We will keep busy.You will still see us. We will be around.

Question: Why did you choose Aretha Franklin who can be hard to sing?

Alexis Grace:She is my range.I knowI can sing her song.I feel connected to her music.

Question: Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul compared you to Kelly Clarkson -how is that for you?

Alexis Grace: More than flattering. It just shook my world in a good way and it just pushes me to do better each time.I need to step up my game and prove to them that they are right.

Question: How did you feel to have your family watch your performance live?

Alexis Grace: My dad was there and it was amazing.It made me feel comfortable. My dad andI are in a band together back at home. Iknew my dad was proud of me. It was an amazing moment to share with him.

Question: Is your band worried about your future with the band if you make it big on American Idol?

Alexis Grace: They are terrified!My dad couldn’t be more happy though.

Question: Were you convinced you would make it through or were you surprised?

Alexis Grace: ‘This is my dream, and it is happening,’ is what went through my head when they called my name.I was surprised. Just because the judges give you good critique doesn’t mean America agrees with them.

Question: What one mentor would you want to work with most?
Alexis Grace: There is not one a few.Aretha Franklin of course, Fleetwood Mac and Bruce Springsteen.

Did you enjoy getting to know American Idol Season 8 contestant Alexis Grace a little better? Be sure to read our interviews with Michael Sarver and Danny Gokey!

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