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Getting To Know American Idol’s Danny Gokey

February 19, 2009 04:17 PM by Christine McDow


Danny Gokeyis probably the interview we were looking most forward too but unfortunately it was the one to disappoint. He seems to have such a great stage presence, but over the phone he didn’t seem very happy. He was the final person to make it into the American Idol Season 8 top 12 last night and he definitely seemed happier about it on stage than he did on the phone with us. He mentioned that he had given a lot of interviews today so maybe he was just a little burnt out. He also mentioned that during Hollywood week he put on a happy face even though he wasn’t feeling too positive, so maybe some of that was coming out as well. There were some good answers to questions though and we have those for you here. Enjoy!

Question: How does it feel to be one of the early fan favorites and have so much support?

Danny Gokey: I am honored to have so much support and to know that they want me to succeed.I hopethat I can keep them throughout the competition.

Question: How does it feel to see your friends have to go home?

Danny Gokey: It is not fun.It is very different being there than it is watching it on TV.You connect with the other performers, you want to see them succeed.

Question: What was the thought process behind your audition song, “I HeardIt Through The Grapevine”?

Danny Gokey: It showed my range.It was a fun song, and #1 it showed my ability. That was the whole point.

Question: How do you feel about Jamar not making it?

Danny Gokey:I was mad.I expected him to go through.I was so confident that he showed what it takes to get there.

Question: How are you going to balance how the background story of your wife with how it plays into your time on the show, so that people don’t think it is a sympathy thing?

Danny Gokey: It has only been 7 months since she has passed, this is whoI am.

Question: Do you keep a memento of your wife with you when you perform?

Danny Gokey: NoI do not.She is in my heart and you can never take that away.I don’t hang on to charms.I have pictures at home and she is a part of whoI am.

Question: What would your wife’s reaction be to all of this?

Danny Gokey: She would be telling all her friends, going shopping to get herself all cute and telling people she was going to go watch me in the show.She was cute and spunky and had a little attitude.

Question: What first got you going?

Danny Gokey:I come from a musical family, 8 total.We would sing together as kids. I didn’t take it too serious untilI started going to the churchI attend now when I was 20.

Question: What do you think about this process and having 9 people out at a time?

Danny Gokey: It has never been harder to get into the top 12 on American Idoland it has never been easier.You don’t have to go from 36 or 24 to 12. You go from 36 to 12. That makes it gut wrenching though because there is amazing talent that is being sent home.

Question: Who do you think deserves another shot in the wild card round?

Danny Gokey: I think they all do, but only three get a chance.I am just sad to see them go.

Question: You strategize your songs and have an end game. Can you ever relax?

Danny Gokey:It is hard to relax in this competition.

Question: Have you talked to your pastor since yesterday?

Danny Gokey: Yes,I talked to him and he cried.He was so emotional.He was there the entire process when my wife died. He saw how much it devastated me and to see someones life transform from so negative to so positive…he apologized for crying and said he was so happy for me. He is a huge mentor in my life.

Question: The judges have showered you with praise, where do you think you can improve?

Danny Gokey: I want to clean up my vocals.I like taking risks.

Question: Would you be a christian artist or rock/pop?

Danny Gokey: I don’t know yet, but right now Iam leaning towards the main stream market.I thinkI could have a lot of effect.I can just be a Christian that sings main stream music.

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