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Getting To Know American Idol’s Michael Sarver

February 19, 2009 03:30 PM by Christine McDow


We were very surprised by the interview with the second American Idol Season 8 contestant Michael Sarver. We definitely did not expect him to get into the top 12 last night and we had honestly paid very little attention to him. Although, we admit that we may be in the minority there. We found Michael to be very polite, proper and warm. A true southern gentleman. It was great to get his point of view on things. We have compiled some of the best questions and answers to help you get to know Michael better as well.

Question: Did it intimidate you that there was a fourth judge?

Michael Sarver:I wasn’t intimidated at all.I think it just benefits all of us.Kara DioGuardi is incredible.She brings talent and music to the table andshe knows how to interpret what she is trying to say.

Question: Will your kids be in LA with you and who will be taking care of them?

Michael Sarver:I have an incredible wife who never drops the ball. She will be taking care of the kids and we have family support. There will be times that they can come out to Hollywood.

Question: What feedback have you gotten from the kids?

Michael Sarver: Mytwo year old son doesn’t know what is going on. My three and a half year old daughter wants to be a contestant on day.

Question: What was the biggest surprise when you came to Hollywood?

Michael Sarver: When you hear of Hollywood you only see it flashy and clean.I was surprised to see that it is really very simple and beautiful. There are real people with real lives.

Question: How much do you think you getting through to top 12 had to do with Simon Cowell pleading to viewers to giveyou a second chance?

Michael Sarver:I take it as a huge compliment from him.I have no doubt it had an impact on the voting.

Question: Did anyone elses story impact you as a viewer?

Michael Sarver: Danny Gokey.My wife is my best friend.If she passed awayI don’t understand howI could wake up the next day. I have mad respect for the person he is.

Question: Would you have rather been in first group of 12 or the last?

Michael Sarver: There was no better spot than the one I was in.It is done and nowI can sit back and enjoy the process.

Question: How does a guy working in the oil fields get such a good voice, does it go back to singing in church?

Michael Sarver: It didn’t begin in church. It began at a time in my life that was very tough, whenI was 11 years old. I resorted to music finding the joy and peace thatI needed. Church has been a huge part of my development as a singer.

Question: What do you think of the wild card element?

Michael Sarver: It is very special.It means that last night is not the end for a lot of people.Not only is it a second chance but it carries them through. Clay Aiken was a wild card.Good things come out of it.

Question: Who from your group do you want to see get a second chance in the wild card round?

Michael Sarver:I would be doing myself a disservice by answering that.I think the entire first group could have been in the top 12.

Question: Why was this the year you committed to American Idol?

Michael Sarver: I never felt the gumption to go to American Idol in the past, I thinkI still had a lot of growing up to do. My sister mentioned trying out, we did it together andI made it. It was the right time in my life and it fit. It had never fit before.

Question: What type of music do you want to sing?

Michael Sarver: I am going to flirt more withR&B and Soul.

Question: What did your friends say when you told them you were going to try out for American Idol?

Michael Sarver:I got alot of positive reactions and then some that said “yeah right”. Someone close to me told me thatI would never make it as a singer. No matter what people tell you and what people think you keep trying and keep trucking till it works out for you.

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