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Hell’s Kitchen Turns Into A Steak House And A Prep Chef Goes Home

February 19, 2009 09:00 PM by DA Southern


Hell’s Kitchen gave a quick recap of the first successful table service so early in the game and we watched as Chef Gordon Ramsay was proud of the gallant effort put forth by Ji who had taken a bad fall earlier in the kitchen and was not able to continue. With a win for the guys because they actually finished the service first, the bar had now been set high as Chef Ramsay expected the same results from now on. But don’t worry; this is Hell’s Kitchen where Chef Ramsay’s courteous demeanor will always get in the head of the chefs eventually.

The girls immediately started in on Lacey after the service, knowing that Ji saved her from being eliminated by Chef Ramsay. After three hours of sleep, the chefs were awakened abruptly and whisked away from the dorms and taken to a slaughter house and all before breakfast. With Chef Scott talking about the different sides of beef and where different cuts came from, most of the chefs were not paying as much attention as they should have been as we, at least, knew what was coming next.


The challenge was that they were to take their new found knowledge and identify cuts of beef laid out by Chef Ramsay. The men pulled ahead first and the teams were then fighting for proper label placement on the cow and when the men faltered, thanks to Seth, Lacey was in the position to garner a win for the women and redeem herself in the process.

Lacey was ineffective and with both teams a t six wrong the men, with the help of Ben pulled out their second victory in a row and headed to Santa Ynez with Chef Ramsay for a bit of wine tasting. The ladies, on the other hand, were left slaughtering beef for the evening’s service.

While the men were living it up on a private jet with Chef Ramsay, the ladies were struggling with their meat and that was just getting it into the kitchen without dropping it. As the women were dicing and slicing through the beef, the men were eating fine cuisine and tasting fine wine. To make matters worse, the women were dining on cow tongue, kidneys, hearts and livers and many of them could not keep the cow parts down as the humiliation of losing struck a chord with the team.


The next day Chef Ramsay announced that Hell’s Kitchen was going to become a steak house and that there was going to be two seatings for the night’s service. With the men cooking first, the ladies were doing service and started off poorly by not getting the first ticket into the kitchen for twenty minutes. Charlie started off badly by starting a towel on fire and Ben brought desserts out before the appetizers even went out making the service rough going for the men.

Lacey was as inept at service as she was in the kitchen and the steaks started coming back as many of the steaks were cold, thanks to Giovanni, who is an actual operator of a steak house. Lacey was continuing to hack off just about everybody with lousy table service and Seth managed to keep the target on his back by butchering a filet as he tried to get a cut of meat for the service. Finally, Chef Ramsay yelled to “Switch it off” and the men were humiliated by their lack of completion of the service.


The tables were turned and the men seemed not to fair any better as being servers. The women, while talking with vigor, could not get their act together and Chef Ramsay was already in Colleen’s face once again. The women were straggling with the salads and to make matters worse, Charlie was dropping food on various customers. With the steaks going out, the men started to look for ways to get steaks back into the kitchen just to try to sabotage the women. The women were overall much better in their performance in the kitchen, but had their share of problems according to Ramsay.

Charlie and Lacey had the distinct honor of being the worse servers of the night and Chef Ramsay looked through the customer feedback cards and assessed that the most competent team were the ladies as the winners of the evening’s service. Ramsay then sent the men off to vote for two men to go before him for elimination.


The men returned to Ramsay and told him that they nominated Seth and Charlie for elimination. Seth decided to pipe up after being nominated and took J to task saying that he did not speak for the group and wanted all of the others to be heard, hoping to replace himself with Giovanni on the chopping block.

Chef Ramsay would have none of Seth’s games and called the two men to come forward. Ramsay asked each of the men why they should stay and Charlie gave a fairly succinct answer and Seth rambled on before Ramsay finally cut him off. In the end, Charlie was called a prep chef by Ramsay, but Chef Ramsay said he was looking for a Head Chef, sending the hapless Charlie out into the world without his coat.

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