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Survivor: Tocantins — Timbira Treks To Tribal

February 19, 2009 08:36 PM by Ryan Haidet


After voting off Carolina in the first blindside of Survivor: Tocantins, the Jalapao tribe returned to camp and started a fire. But burning brighter than any blaze was Sandy‘s enthusiasm that the tribe had spared her from elimination. “I believe I’m underestimated in this game,” Sandy said. Tonight’s episode showed a lot — the budding friendships at Jalapao, the erosion of Timbira‘s attitude and an action-packed Immunity Challenge.

When the sun rose at Jalapao on Day 4, hunger started to take its toll on the castaways. To ease their starvation, a few of them chowed down on some tasty termites. Spencer said he wasn’t used to not eating, so he dug his teeth into the tiny insects. Yum…

The Search Continues…

At Timbira, the group was struggling to spark a fire. Sierra still felt on the outside of the tribe and told Brendan about the hidden Immunity Idol somewhere on their beach. She went on a scavenger hunt with him and found the first clue buried in the sand. Following the same clue Sandy had, which told her to go 10 paces, both Brendan and Sierra were digging through the sand. Debbie went to check on them to make sure they were safe, and when she found them, she caught them digging a huge hole. But Sierra quickly said that they were simply digging for a giant bonfire they were planning to have later. C’mon! How did Debbie buy that excuse? That hole was big enough to bury a small elephant — a hole that big would require a huge fire that would likely singe the hair off your arms. But good for Sierra for thinking so quickly.

Tension At Timbira

Day 5 at Timbira, Candace was talking about food and thought they could cook rice and beans in one pot. But Coach disagreed saying that by combining them — one would be overcooked and one would be undercooked. “I am an educated woman and I don’t take crap from people,” Candace said in a confessional. She just walked away and went to something else so Coach could use two pots to cook the rice and beans separately. “That man’s got an ego bigger than Brazil,” she said. “That will be the death of him.”

Back at Jalapao, everybody was talking about how dirty they were already. Taj said that she is normally much cleaner and that her husband would verify that. After the tribe did some pressing for more information, she revealed that she was married to Eddie George — the former NFL player and Heisman Trophy winner who played for the Tennessee Titans and Ohio State. “I’ve got a completely different outlook on Taj,” JT said. “Her husband’s a very famous football player.” JT said that he knows he definitely needs the $1 million more than Taj. What a genius move, Taj. Revealing your family’s wealthy history in a game where you’re playing for $1 million. That makes sense — just prove to everybody you don’t need the money. That’s a sure way to win some votes. Honestly, have you ever seen this show?

Basketball — Brazilian Style

The two tribes gathered for their second Immunity Challenge and right on cue — the rain started pouring down. The challenge consisted of three people from each tribe racing into the river to grab a ball. Their task was simple — shoot a basket. The first tribe to score three baskets would not only win Immunity, but would take home a reward with fishing gear — a spear, poles, knife, tackle box and goggles. In addition, the winning tribe would pick to send one person from the losing tribe to Exile Island, which host Jeff Probst promised held a clue to a hidden Immunity Idol.


In the first round, Candace scored a basket first for her tribe rather quickly. In the second round, a brutal match of full-contact basketball broke out as JT kept tackling Tyson and slamming him under the water. Sandy held Erinn back by the strap of her bathing suit top. But even after all the struggling, Tyson was still able to sink a basket for Timbira, which made it 2-0. In the third round of all women, after a short battle Sydney sunk one for Jalapao. The next round was made up of six men who barely had the chance to fight because JT nabbed a basket right off the bat.

It came down to one more round for the win since each tribe was tied at two baskets each. As the rain spat down, the exhausted Stephen stood up and tossed the ball into the hoop. In an incredible comeback, the Jalapao tribe won Immunity.


They decided to send Brendan over to Exile Island. That’s when Probst revealed the twist — Brendan was able to take one player from the winning tribe with him. He chose Taj. They grabbed their map and headed off to their desolate new home.

Bonds Form At Jalapao & Exile Island

After the challenge, the Jalapao tribe returned to camp with very high spirits. With their new fishing gear, JT emerged as the tribe leader working hard to teach his fellow castaways the best methods on how to catch fish. Stephen described him as Tom Sawyer and soaked up everything JT was offering to teach. With spear in hand, Stephen dove down into the river to try and nab some fish as JT looked on. They definitely were starting to form a bond. Tom and Huck? Not so much, but this seems to be the start of a strong alliance that could last until far in this game.

Taj and Brendan arrived at Exile Island and found a small supply of rice and a sign that told them each to choose an urn off a table. Each of them picked up one of the tiny bottles and popped off the lids. Taj’s was empty, but Brendan’s held two notes — one was a clue to the hidden Idol. The other note told him that he could decide to mutiny and switch tribes if he wanted. But he said he would never go over to Jalapao.


At first he didn’t share the clue with Taj, but she kept following him around and after his search came up fruitless, he finally let her read it. The note said that the Idol was in their homeland, which they soon realized meant one Idol was hidden back at each camp. So with nothing else to do, the two just sat and talked.

Timbira Torn Between Three

At Timbira, they were strategizing about who to vote off and Candace was after Coach. She felt he wasn’t excelling physically like she expected him to. “I don’t see what Coach is bringing to the table except a lot of talk,” she said. Debbie, who felt there was too much negativity, decided to tell Coach what Candace was saying. Coach still wanted to vote off Sierra so he could take out the weakest players. But Candace’s actions had him looking in a new direction. “She got on me, she’s going to get on everybody — the cancer will ruin the tribe,” Coach said.

Candace continued campaigning against Coach as she and Erinn chatted in the river. But Candace thought maybe this Tribal Council would be too soon to target him, since he is a strong guy who could potentially help them in the future.

Although Candace’s mind was uncertain about who to take out, Coach was ready to oust Candace, who who called the Poison Apple. “Hopefully Candace has her bags packed ’cause she’s out of here,” he said. But Tyson didn’t think it was time to eliminate Candace. He still wanted to target Sierra because he felt she was weaker.


Shortly before Tribal Council, Candace and Erinn were talking about how valuable they are to the tribe and that losing them would be a mistake. The editing here made it far too obvious that Candace was the obvious elimination. After barely speaking in the first episode, Candace suddenly dominated this episode and kept on making remarks about how valuable she was to the tribe. That’s classic Survivor editing, which often spells doom for the highly featured contestant.

Trust? Already?

At Tribal Council, Candace said there was resentment that Sierra was given the helicopter ride when they all had to trek four hours through the heat to get to camp on the first day.

Then the discussion of trust arose.

Erinn said that people need to be careful and watch who they trust. Debbie disagreed and said that she already has built solid relationships with people and that the trek to camp was the true way to get to know somebody. Erinn completely disagreed.

As Probst read the votes, it was revealed that Candace was the second person voted off the Survivor: Tocantins by a landslide. As her torch was snuffed, Coach had a pleased look on his face.

Blindside number two.


In her final words, Candace said she was surprised and upset that she was voted off because she felt like she did a lot of work.

Images courtesy of Monty Brinton/CBS.

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