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13: Fear Is Real — A Winner Is Crowned

February 20, 2009 10:02 PM by Ryan Haidet


What started with 13 people has dwindled down to three. After weeks of competing in a game of paranoia, 10 people have been killed off in a variety of ways. After many viewers avoided this spooky CW show like the plauge due to its lackluster challenges and characters, one of the final three finally won the top prize of $66,666 on 13: Fear Is Real. And tonight’s final challenge finally paid off with scary excitement.

At the slaughterhouse, Ted, Nasser and Erica remained. Over a loudspeaker, the Mastermind told them to pack their belongings and go outside to board a boat, which would take them to their final destination. Erica looked nervous as the boat floated along the Louisiana Bayou. They finally came to rest alongisde the shore where they found a tent for all of them to share. “This place is really creepy,” Nasser said. “It’s hard to get comfortable because there’s water surrounding us and there’s all types of animals. You look to the left or you look to the right — there’s something with teeth. I just wanted to check out my surroundings a little bit and I wanted to kind of get some bearings again.”

Under the full moon, the three of them went for a hike along the dense, dark woods with flashlights in hand. That’s when Nasser came across an eerie altar with the pictures of the 10 contestants who were killed off before them. This really reminded each of them how far they had made it and how close they were to winning the top prize.

Creating Voodoo Dolls

After a night’s rest, the three of them woke up and waited for the Mastermind to summon them for the next Execution Ceremony. Of course, there was a loudspeaker right by their tent and after all these episodes I was wondering where the Mastermind got so many of these speakers. What a loser! It’s not scary having somebody talk to you over a speaker. Anyway, the three of them were told to dig up voodoo dolls behind their tent. They were tasked with creating a voodoo doll of who they felt was the biggest threat left in the competition. Ted fashioned his to look like Erica. She created a Nasser voodoo doll. And Nasser constructed one of his closest ally, Ted.

The sun set and candles were lit at the altar. Nasser set his Ted voodoo doll on the table and pricked his finger so he could drop a bit of his own blood on it. Erica was next with Ted right behind her. After Ted dropped his small smear of blood on his Erica voodoo doll, he stuck a knife through its heart. The stage was set for the next Execution Ceremony.

The Hunt Is On…

They each returned to the tent when the Mastermind ordered them to blindfold themselves and stand outside. Right on cue the Mastermind’s Minions grabbed them and led each deep into the woods in different directions. “Prepare to be hunted,” the Mastermind bellowed. “I have hidden three Death Boxes in the woods locked in cages.” Once they found their Death Box they had to figure out the code to unlock the cage. Then all they had to do was choose — hunt or be hunted. As each crept along the dark woods, lightning lit the sky as echoes of thunder filled the summer air. For once — an Execution Ceremony that had a creepy, creative edge to it.

Nasser came upon a cage first and entered the code “Death.” He took out the Death Box and was simply waiting for his victim to come across his path. The new killer saw Erica and was hungry for blood. “When I saw Erica, it was just like she was something to eat,” Nasser said. “She was food for me and I was gonna make that kill.” But he lost sight of her and spotted Ted instead. Nasser quietly chased his best friend in the game, but that was shortlived when Ted decided to hide in the dark while the other two hunted each other. And his plan worked because Nasser caught Erica and made her the 11th victim in the game.


“Ted, Nasser has killed off Erica,” the Mastermind announced. “Two of you have made it, but only one of you will live.”

The Key To Victory

After her death, they weren’t even given a break since they were thrown immediately into the next round. “In the woods you will find a pet cemetery,” the Mastermind said. “Dig up a grave. Inside the coffin you will find bolt cutters that will help you open a barrel. Inside of that barrel is the key to my cabin. I am watching you from there right now. The first person to find the key will win my little game. But beware — you are not alone. Go.”

After they each searched for several minutes, the sounds of a chainsaw filled the night. Nasser was really starting to get scared on his search when a chainsaw-wielding maniac jumped out from behind a tree and chased him away. This looked like a lot of fun — almost like a private outdoor haunted attraction.

Ted came across the pet cemetery first as he dug like crazy to find the animal coffin with the bolt cutters inside. Once he grabbed the bolt cutters, he rushed off to find the barrel. “I knew that key was the stepping stone for me to get this money.” Ted quickly found that barrel and cut it open. He tugged the lid off and reached his hand inside, which was filled with snakes and gooey animal guts. He finally found the key when the Mastermind bellowed, “Stop. Ted, you have found the key to my cabin. You have won my game. But there can only be one winner.” That’s when one of the crazy killers hiding in the woods swung an ax and acted like they had chopped Nasser in the head. Theatrically, blood splattered across a nearby tree as Nasser became the 12th and final victim.


Ted Collects His $66,666

“Ted, find my cabin,” the Mastermind ordered. “It’s time for you to meet me and claim your prize.” Ted found the cabin just as the sun started to rise. He placed the key in the rusty door and crept inside. On a table he found a bag filled with the prize money. Just behind that he spotted a cloaked figure sitting in a chair. He walked toward the person and set off a trip wire, which started a timer. As he removed a mask from the manequinn’s face before him, the Mastermind laughed over a speaker. “Hahaha. You have the money, but Ted — you’re dead!” Ted quickly grabbed the bag of cash and ran out of the cabin as the clock ticked down. He hopped into a canoe, which he just happened to find alongside the river and paddled to safety just moments before the cabin exploded.


“I don’t believe I will ever truly know who the Mastermind is,” Ted said. “And at this point, I’m cool with it. I’m cool with having my life, having the $66,000 and leaving him behind.”

Photos by Patrick Wymore/The CW 2008 The CW Network.

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