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Dancing With the Stars: Nancy O’Dell Strange Steps, Injuries And A Sore Butt

February 20, 2009 02:00 PM by Paulene Hinds


Dancing With The Stars season 8 begins on March 9 and the castare in full rehearsal with their pro partners, trying to get that first dance down. How are they doing with the grueling moves and dance steps so far? Contestant Nancy O’Dell says she not only has a sore behind, but has also injured herself and is finding the dance steps a little bit strange.

“Oh, my Gluteus Maximus” The host of Access Hollywood, Nancy O’Dell told Radar. “I knew where it was – I just really haven’t felt it this much in a long time, my rear has been so sore!”

Season 7 of Dancing With The Stars was a season of injuries, even having some claiming it to be the cursed season. Nancy O’Dell may be continuing on with the curse as she has already injured herself and the season hasn’t even begun. “My quadriceps. I kind of pulled it the other day, but it’s better now,” she told Radar. She added that it is not the only injury she has had, apparently during the Waltz she hurt her achilles tendon as well. “You have to step really long, stay down and up. So that was hurting really bad the other day. I put heat on it and soaked it in the bath, drank a lot of water and it feels good now.”

Nancy O’Dell went into training last Tuesday to work on the waltz and she says she is not overwhelmed, just finding it difficult adjusting to the dance steps. At least she has someone to talk to who understands what she is going through. She and fellow contestant Denise Richards, spend time sharing their grueling rehearsal stories. Nancy O’Dell said, “We’ve emailed a little bit about, ‘Jeez, this is weird.’ These dance steps are strange. She was telling me, ‘The Cha-Cha’s weird!’ and I’m like, ‘Well, wait till you get to the waltz!’ ”

Catch all of the excitement of Dancing With The Stars season 8 on March 9 at 8 PM ET on ABC!

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Photo Credit: The Insider

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