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Supernanny Helps Parents With Toy-Addicted Sons

February 20, 2009 08:00 AM by Joe Reality

In a Supernanny first, Jo Frost helps her first-ever Manhattan family. The Sachs Family lives in New York City and consists of Greg and Fanci Sachs and their two sons, five year old Ryan and three year old Jonathon.

Greg and Fanci work long, hard hours to provide an Upper West side childhood for their sons, but they feel guilty about their time away from the boys. The parents have a hard time saying no to their toy-addicted sons, and they often give in to Ryan’s tantrums.

Ryan has had complete meltdowns in public, even in the middle of Times Square, over not getting to go inside a toy store. Ryan’s tantrums are starting to make an impression on his younger brother, Jonathon.

The Sachs’ apartment is filled with many toys, because Mom buys toys three times a week for the boys. In fact, there are seven strollers in the apartment. Ryan clings to his mother Fanci whenever she attempts to leave the house, and she has to give him lots of reassurance.

At bedtime, both parents usually have to lay down with the boys until they fall asleep. Then, the boys often wake up and crawl into their parents’ bed anyway. Supernanny airs on Friday, February 20 from 9 PM to 10 PM ET on ABC.

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Photo Credit: ABC

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