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Survivor: Tocantins — Candace Cuts With Sharp Tongue

February 20, 2009 03:30 PM by Ryan Haidet


Candace Smith spent just six days on Survivor: Tocantins — The Brazilian Highlands when she was blindsided by her fellow Timbira tribemates and became the second person voted off the show. This quick-witted, sharp-tongued 31-year-old didn’t hold back any of her feelings during a conference call as she blasted her fellow castaways Coach, Debbie, Sierra and Erinn. Hang onto your hats — because Hurricane Candace has been unleashed with harsh, but seemingly sarcastic jokes.

“I’m an opinionated, honest person and I knew that could potentially hurt me,” the former Miss Ohio USA said. “The thing is, I’m a good person. I’m honest, and I’m hard working. I’m not one of those people that put on a show like Debbie to try to prove how nice I am and talk about my charities and do like this whole tap dance. I don’t have to talk, I just do it.”

Not Impressed By Coach

She felt that a few of her fellow castaways were definitely more deserving of getting eliminated before her — including Coach who was behind her ouster. “When the dude can’t even pick up a plank and run over a hill, but yet he walks around like I’m mister big and bad. There’s no way I can tolerate that — no way.”

She also mentioned that Coach’s hair always looked good. “You know what, he had something going on because he kept the braids going at all times. He either had some gel smuggled in his ass or he was using some kind of mixture of sand and fruit stuff, but he kept sytiln’ and profilin.’ And somehow his toenails stayed painted the entire time, too. So he might have smuggled a marker in his ass, too. I have a feeling he can smuggle a lot of stuff in his ass,” Candace laughed. “But I wasn’t up it — Debbie was. So you should ask Debbie what all he had up his ass.”

After her snide, sarcastic comment, she busted out in laughter before continuing.

Not A Debbie Fan

“Coach was like one of the weakest people period. He made no contribution whatsoever. He was lazy and he was weak.” Coach wasn’t her only enemy in the game who she thought should have been booted before her, though. “Let’s start with Debbie who is physically like the size of an Oompa Loompa. Mentally, she was so over the place and discombobulated at all times. She would walk from one side of camp to the other and forget what she was going to get. I didn’t know if she should be on Ritalin. I was like there’s no way she can stay cool in mental challenges. Like, get her outta here.”

When Brendan and Sierra left camp to go searching for the hidden Immunity Idol and dug a gigantic hole, Candace says the rest of the group was actually convinced when they said it was a fire pit. “They completely bought it. I think I was the only one that found that to be completely illogical. As you’ll recall, Debbie skipping around the corner like a complete idiot — like an attention deficit disorder cougar. … Why would we create a fire on the other side, on the other beach? It makes no sense whatsoever.”

Sierra Was Whiny


Her comments shifted to Sierra. “She is a whiny, little, sheltered, privileged girl. Honestly, I think the most traumatic thing that’s ever happened to this girl is she said a horse bit her fingertip when she was a little girl. And she went on for hours about how traumatic it was. And I’m just sitting there thinking, ‘This child has no life experience at all.’ She’s delusional, sheltered, whiny and not the brightest kid, either. She makes no sense and to refer to me as a snake in the grass when she votes me out — I don’t even think she knows why she voted me out. I wanted to keep her. I actually tried to talk to people to get Debbie out of there and keep Sierra because I felt Sierra was a little bit stronger than Debbie. But she just went on and on about being cool in Hollywood and who she knows and name dropping and just an obnoxious little kid.”


At Tribal Council, Candace remarked that there was some resentment toward Sierra for getting a helicopter ride to camp when the rest of them had to trudge four hours through the Brazilian heat. After she arrived there, Sierra decided to build shelter for the entire tribe, but Candace wasn’t impressed. “I wouldn’t even refer to it as a shelter. When we got there we couldn’t even really see it because it was night time. All that I know is there were some palm fronds laying on top of each other. … When we woke up the next morning, I still couldn’t see the shelter.”

Erinn Was Insecure

She also had plenty to say about Erinn. “She is conniving; insecure; manipulating. She’s there to win it, but obviously she also wants to be seen on TV. She’s hoping it will make her a star — that’s why she showed up with extensions in her hair for Survivor. Here I am, the model/actress and everybody’s like, ‘Oh, she’s just there to be on TV.’ No, I was there to compete. It was the hairstylist, wannabe superstar who shows up with extensions in her hair and trying to be beautiful at all times.”


Although Taj was very open with her tribemates at Jalapao about being married to NFL star and Heisman Trophy winner Eddie George, one member at Timbira held his cards a tad closer. Brendan never said during Candace’s stay that he was a multi-millionaire, but she says they figured it out. “Ya, I knew his little granola ass was a millionaire. He had mentioned he started a granola company. Of course, Erinn the stalker, who was like all about who everybody was and what they did for a living because apparently that was so relevant to her — she figured it out.”

A Tyson & Jalapao Fan

But her brutal honesty (which came across in a joking manner the entire conference call) also shed some light on some of the people she really liked. “I have the most respect for Tyson. Physically and mentally, he’s exceptional. He gave it 110 percent nonstop when I was there. Seriously, Tyson is a freak of nature when it comes to his physical ability. I’m an athlete and I respect that. Brendan’s a work horse for sure — Brendan and Tyson are the two top competitors physically on our team.”

Even though Candace really respected Tyson, she said it would have been better for her to be on the other tribe. “Hell yeah, go Jalapao! I think overall their tribe was a little bit more focused and didn’t have as many alterior motives going on — or to use Coach’s words, ‘Underlying cancer.’ I think Jalapao was more about winning and (being) a team and having strong players around — and that’s what I’m about. I think I would’ve fared a lot better over in Jalapao.”

Plus, over at Jalapao is a player she said would’ve been the perfect person to go to the end of the game with. “Spencer, even though I didn’t know him. He’s sexy. I think that would’ve been a really sexy final two, don’t you?”


Even though her game ended early, Candace said the challenges were a blast. She especially enjoyed the water basketball competition. “It was brutal, but I loved it. It was so animalistic. I’m a beast like that. It was seriously the most exhausting thing I’ve ever done in my life. It was brutal. That water was running — that was a current that we were running against. It’s not like it was still, high water. I wasn’t the biggest girl out there but I fought with everything I had in me and I loved it.”

Another Recruit

Candace earned her spot on the show after she was recruited. “Someone that worked in casting contacted me and said, ‘Hey Candis, we really want you to apply for Survivor, we think that this would be a great opportunity for you.’” She at first told them no because she had never watched the show. After some pushing from people in casting, Candace said she started to study. “I crammed episode after episode and watched nearly every episode of Survivor and I just became fascinated with it because I’m a competitor.”

She said that although she was blindsided, she got a slight feeling before Tribal Council that something was wrong. “Right before we left I noticed people couldn’t make eye contact with me, but I was honestly working up until the last second. I was cooking food for them to eat when they came back after voting me out. I knew the social aspect of the game was going to be difficult for me. I didn’t get in there and manipulate enough, whisper enough and rally enough. I thought my performance and my work ethic spoke for itself.”


Images courtesy of Monty Brinton/CBS.

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