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The Bachelor: Jillian Still Looking To Marry Her Best Friend

February 20, 2009 11:00 AM by Paulene Hinds


Last week on The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick sent Jillian home after spending a romantic night with her in New Zealand. After the rose ceremony she said that she was sincerely disappointed and suprised, but wouldn’t change a thing that happened on the show and is still looking for a man who can be her best friend to share her life with.Yesterday,Jillian spoke to the media about her experience on The Bachelor.

For Jillian, marrying a guy who is also her best friend is very important to her and although she is not sure how that affected Jason Mesnick’s decision, she still feels strongly about it. “I still stand by my word,” she said. “I have a lot of mentors in my life who have very successful marriages and the key is marrying your best friend. I understand there has to be more. There has to be a spark. That’s what I’m looking for.” Jillian added, “If he’s looking for something different, then he made the right choice.”

Jillian understands that being on a show like The Bachelor, is quite a different situation than just falling in love on your own. Although she was surprised to be eliminated after professing her love for Jason Mesnick,she appears to have cometo an understanding of thesituation she was in. Jillian said, “I think it’s a very unique situation you’re in and no matter how hard you’re falling for someone, you always sort of wonder if this is for real and if this is the real one. You have questions in your mind and your heart. When he let me go, I was sincerely disappointed and surprised.”

There is still one thing that Jillian doesn’t quite understand about her relationship with Jason Mesnick and she wonders why he didn’t think that their relationship was moving past the friend stage. She said during the interview, “I think that’s the million dollar question. I felt the same way. I felt like we had so many different levels that our relationship had reached from being friends to being partners to really understanding each other. I’m not sure why he thought it wasn’t going to be there.” Jillian continued, “Friends and family say to me, “Maybe he couldn’t keep up with you or maybe you need someone with a little more zest or maybe he really didn’t feel that spark.”

Jillian will get her chance toask Jason Mesnick, why he dealt her the friend card when ABC airs The Women Tell All episode of The Bacheloron Monday, February 23 from 8 PM to 10 PM ET.

All in all, Jillian’s return back to Vancouver has been very positive.After thanking all of her friends and familyfor their support, she returned back to work as an interior designer and says she is loving her life.

When Jillian was asked if she might consider being the next Bachelorette, she said, “It’s something I haven’t thought too seriously about.” She added, “That would be something I’d need to sleep on and think about, but I am definitely open to the idea.”

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