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Amazing Race 14: Teams Get Lost In Germany

February 22, 2009 07:21 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight onthe CBS realityTV showthe Amazing Race, ten teams will depart from Switzerland and travel to Germany. Many of the teams find it difficult to navigate around their foreign surroundings and several become lost. This gives a chance for some unlikely teams to take the lead. Find out who made it and who didn’t…

The teams wake up to find they must go to Unich, Germany. On the way to the airport, all of the teams call ahead to book plane reservations. Tammy and Victor have pulled a head with the lead, but all but most all of the teams made it to Germany at the same time. They drive to a city where they must ride a cable car to the top of a mountain. Tammy and Victor get on the first one, and the other teams behind them have to wait another 20 mins.

ROAD BLOCK: One team member must run off the mountain and para-sail 6,000 feet, while the other member rides down to meet them.Tammy tries to go, but there are unsafe wind conditions and they tell them they have the option to wait or to take a 60 min. hike down the mountain. When Mel and Mike get to the top, Mel decides he’ll do it. He gets strapped in, but the wind is still bad.


All the other teams walk down the mountain, however, Mel’s groin is giving him too many problems to walk down. Mel watches as they all go one by one, and he is stuck on the mountain. Finally, after every left, the wind changes and Mel is able to para-sail. When he reaches the bottom, he finds they have surpassed some of the teams. Now everyone must drive 25 miles to their next clue.

DETOUR: On this Amazing Race detour,the teamsmust choose between two tasks. In Balancing Dolly, one member must ride a segway along an obstacle course to find their clue. In Austrian Folly, they must throw pies at their partners face until they find one with cherry filling. Then they must go find a place where they will cut a piece of wood and get it stamped. Tammy and Victor are in the lead again and they are on their way to a castle, which is the final pitstop.


Meanwhile, Steve is still waiting for his wife Linda to make it down the hill, when she encounters road. She realizes she is lost and starts to cry. Tammy and Victor are the first to reach the pitstop, covered in pie, and they win hybrid cars. Back at the detour, the teams are split evenly as to who rides the segways and who throws pies. Margie and Luke are having a particularly hard time finding cherry filling. Kisha and her sister Jen are lost on the road.

Mel and Mike manage to be the second team to the pitstop, followed by Amanda and Kris, Margie and Luke, and Brad and Victoria, Jamie and Cara. It’s now dark and it’s down to Steve and Linda, Mark and Michael, Kisha and Jen, and Christie and Jodie. Christie and Jodie have already completed the detour but they get lost trying to find where they get the wood cut. Steve and Linda finish and catch up to them. Kisha and Jen are still lost on the road along with Michael and Mark. The seventh team to make it is Kisha and Jen, who say they are having a big struggle in getting along and listening to one another. The last team to make it is Christie and Jodi. Steve and Linda are eliminated from the Amazing Race.


The Amazing Race 14 airs Sundays at 8 PM ETon CBS.

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Photo Credit: CBS

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