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Carrie Underwood and David Cook Critique American Idol’s Simon Cowell

February 23, 2009 08:00 AM by Christine McDow


Simon Cowell is known as the tough, hard to get along with judge on American Idol. However, this isn’t exactly a bad thing as some past contestants like Carrie Underwood and David Cook will tell you. The show isn’t about making people feel good, it is about finding a great and yet unknown singer. If Simon Cowell doesn’t come off smelling like roses it is okay because in the end he is real.


At the recent launch of the American Idol Experience attraction at Walt Disney World in Florida, Carrie Underwood stood up for the judge that is the favorite of very few people. “He’s always been pretty nice to me, and I think it’s really good that somebody will give you a dose of reality, even if it might be said in a harsh manner. I can think of nicer ways to say things than he tells them, but it’s nice that he’s got a very strong opinion, and he does voice it.” Carrie would know seeing as she is the American Idol Season 4 champ and lived through many critiques from the judges panel and Simon Cowell.


David Cook, the current champion of American Idol,¬†agreed with Carrie Underwood later on when he shed some light on his relationship with Simon Cowell. “The first couple of weeks I was on the show, Simon and I did not see eye to eye. As soon as I took a step back and realized that everything he said was constructive, as mean as it might be, we got along fine. So if anybody asks me who my favorite judge is, I’m always going to say Simon.”

It sounds like tough love isn’t always a bad thing.

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