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Dancing With the Stars: Julianne Hough Explains Why She Returned This Season

February 23, 2009 11:00 AM by Paulene Hinds


At the end of last season of Dancing With The Stars , pro dancer Julianne Hough had decided that she would take a season off to promote her budding country music career. It appeared that she was ready to hit the road, when all of a sudden it was announced that she would indeed be returning to the Dancing With The Starsstage. So what changed Julianne Hough’s mind? She wrote an entry on her MySpace blog to explain why she decided to come back for season 8 of Dancing With The Stars .

“Where should I begin… ok, I think everyone knows I’m back onDWTS this season. It was a last minute deal. I was set on taking this season off and then last minute the show asked me to do it because they had asked Chuck to do it and they thought it would be cool if we danced together” Julianne Hough wrote. “At first I still said no because I wanted to focus on my music but then I thought about it for a day and figured this out. I can still write, go on tour and work on Julianne Hough the country singer because Chuck will be my partner and that will be a huge luxury. Also, if I would have taken this season off I would have had to go back on the fall season when I will be trying to promote a new single off of my new record so it would have been harder to do that if I was on the show.”

Julianne Houghfinished her My Space blog entry with, “I don’t know if I’m making sense, but I wanted to clear that up with everyone, I know there had been some confusion, and the LAST thing I want to do is confuse my fans. You guys have been supportive of me from the beginning….. I can’t thank you enough!!!”

Although it was very nice of Julianne Hough to clear things up for us, shedidn’t really have to explain anything. Her fans are all thrilled to see her returning to the ballroom floor this season on Dancing With The Starsand it will definately be exciting with all of the couples that are competiting. Oh the drama!

Season 8 of Dancing With The Stars returns March 9 on ABC!

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