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The Bachelor: Women Tell All

February 23, 2009 08:02 PM by Britteny Elrick


The women will tell all on tonight’s edition of The Bachelor. All of the bachelorettes who’ve been rejected by Jason Mesnick so far this season will be discussing each other and their experienceonthe show. There will also be updates on past bachelors and bachelorettes.At the end of the night, Jillian will come face to face with Jason for the first time since their tearful departure and Chris will ask her a very important question.

Chris Harrison is with a live audience for the Women Tell All episode. First, he shows a video of him talking to Jason about the highlights of the season. Chris asks him about Megan and Jason says he never saw the drama queen side of her. They talk about General Hospital and how hard it was to kiss the girls in front of everyone else.

Then they talk about Shannon and her snotty nosed kiss that she tried to lay on Jason – but he rejected. Talk turns to the date where Stephanie reunites with her daughter and Jason calls it an “Oprah moment.” Of course, Naomi’s crazy family gets brought up. Chris brings up the passionate makeout between Jason and Jillian, but Jason says ultimately, he still viewed her as a friend. Then he pulls out the big guns and asks him what went on in the tent with Molly. Jason says it was truly innocent “first base” stuff.


Then they discuss never before seen footage. Apparently, Molly and Jason had a bet on their golfing date where the loser had to wear the other person’s pants. Molly lost. Unfortunately, her wearing his pants, was more embarrassing for Jason, considering he was left in his boxers. He also made her a Dr. Suess rap for her, after they had to sing for him. Chris asks him the question that’s on everyone’s mind: what happens in the fantasy suite. Jason refuses to go into detail.

For a moment, Chris talks about past Bachelor couples. Trista and Ryan Sutter are first up, and they are expecting their second child – a baby girl! They talk about their life and how they are still extremely in love. Then Charlie O’Connell and Sarah Brice come back for a visit. They dated after the finale for a year, then broke up, but are now back together. She says a big part of their breakup was his drinking, but he has been sober for 2 years. They are happy but have no plans for the future yet.


Chris shows some clips of the reunion between bachelors and bachelorettes from past season. Fred from Deanna’s season and Noel from Matt’s season are officially a couple. Jessie (Deanna’s old ex) is now dating Holly from Matt Grant’s season.

Finally, Chris brings in the bachelorettes. Right off the bat, he quizzes Shannon about her knowledge of Jason. Then he goes to Stephanie and she still says she hopes Jason finds happiness (but she hopes she does too!) Then he shows a clip of all the drama that happened behind the scenes after the girls met Jason. Many of the girls gave behind the scenes commentary on their hate for Natalie and Megan. Chris asks Megan if she feels she was treated fairly, and she says she doesn’t think she gave a good impression. Chris confronts Lauren about how she threw everyone under the bus. He asks Stephanie how she felt about leaving her life as a mom to live with all these girls. She says that she has gone through enough in her life and had so many people say things about her that she doesn’t wish to participate in gossip.

The first girl in the hotseat is Natalie. They play the clip of when she was rejected by Jason and how she said “you’re not attracted to me, who do you think you are- God?” The audience doesn’t respond to well to her. Chris asks her some tough questions and tells her that she was very confrontational in the house. Natalie is very defensive and the girls start to chime in. Chris says “Are you someone who thinks they are really laid back but in all actuality you’re not?” Everyone claps in agreement.


Then comes the time for Jillian and everyone claps wildly. They watch the clip of her and Jason’s journey and she starts crying. She says that rose ceremony in New Zealand was the first time she wasn’t sure where she stood. Chris says everyone could see the relationship was so natural between then and she agrees. Jillian says she felt a bit too guarded and can only move so fast. She talks about how great it is that she has learned she can fall in love again and that she is excited to meet her Prince. He asks her how she’d feel about being the bachelorette and she says she’d do it.


Finally, he brings out the bachelor. Jason says he’s actually excited to be there and he feels he built good relationships with the girls. Chris tells Jillian this is her chance to ask Jason anything. She says she respects his decision but she knows it was a bit of an excuse. She asks him about the time he kissed her and then went on a date with Melissa the night after and told her that he hadn’t had a kiss like that in a long time. Jason blushes and says he just said what he was feeling at the time.

Then Chris talks to Naomi and Jason tells her he really felt she needed to spread her wings. Naomi says regardless, it doesn’t matter they just weren’t meant to be together. Chris brings up Stephanie and Jason says he is so happy to see her and he hopes they are friends for life. She says she feels the same way.

Then they show a clip of bloopers from the season. Be sure to tune in next week for the finale to see who Jason will propose to. There will also be a visit from Deanna Pappas and the most shocking after the rose ceremony yet!

The Bachelor season finale will air Monday, March 2 from 8 PM to 10 PM ET on ABC.

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