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True Beauty: Finally the Most Beautiful!

February 23, 2009 09:42 PM by Lisa Stauber


True Beauty airs the final episode on ABC tonight, finally revealing who they have chosen as the most beautiful person in America. Last week, sexiest contestant Laura went home, leaving Billy, Joel, and Julia in the house. Julia has never been to the Hall of Beauty, and she’s a pageant queen. Will that give her the edge to beat out superfit Joel and Chippendale dancer Billy?

Joel survived the Hall of Beauty, and he’s happy with the judge’s comments towards him. Billy is surprised to be in the final three, and Julia’s glad that Laura was eliminated, leaving her as the only female contender. “I know that I’m more beautiful than anybody else,” Joel says, and if doesn’t win he’ll consider himself a failure. He’s decided not to be too friendly any more.

Julia is missing her eyelash extension appointments, and settles for fake lashes for the final judging. Billy plans to make sure the judges get to know him.

Final Challenge
People Magazine has arrived for a photo shoot, and Vanessa’s going to watch the contestants every move. The contestants will have a one on one interview with Jess Cagle, and then a photo shoot with legendary photographer Matthew Rolston. They’ll also be shot wearing nothing but a red towel.

Julia is worried that the photo shoot will be nude, and she doesn’t think she wants to do it. She wants to be Miss America and Miss Texas, and has to be very careful to be a good role model. Luckily, Jess is judging the contestants on honesty, humility and modesty.

Joel freezes up during the initial interview question, but eventually warms up. Vanessa thinks Billy sounds rehearsed, but it’s not as bad as some of Joel’s answer. “If you run with dogs you get fleas,” Joel tells Jess, when asked if any of his friends are unattractive. Julia says she’s not vain, but takes pride in her appearance. Billy gives out a story about bad pimples and how it humbled him.

Julia drops the bombshell that she gave up her title of Miss Teen Texas at age 17, after getting a public intoxication ticket, and the judges are impressed with her. Jess thinks Julia sounds fake, Joel has no modesty, and Billy rehearsed his answers too much.


Photo Shoot
The theme is who the Beautiful People are in their purest form. They’re wearing a towel and oil and not much else. The makeup artist tries to tell Julia not to worry about the towel. She’s only allowed to wear her towel around her waist. “It was interesting and awkward,” she says, “but I enjoyed every minute of it.” Billy has a super special breathing technique to make his abs pop.

Vanessa shows the contestants their photos in front of Nole and Cheryl. Billy thinks he should be the Most Beautiful Person because he’s learned how to be a better Billy from the judges. Cheryl thinks Joel looks amazing and inviting. Joel says he didn’t come for second place. Julia’s photo is wonderful. “Talk about natural beauty!” Billy says. Vanessa knows how hard the shoot was for Julia, and thinks she pulled it off beautifully. She says she should be the most beautiful person as a second chance, an opportunity to redeem herself. She tears up and Vanessa gets misty eyed, too.

Joel is declared the winner – and so is Julia and Billy. The judges couldn’t pick just one! Now all three contestants have to go to the Hall of Beauty, and two people will go home. The winner of True Beauty will get $100,000 and a spot in People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People edition.

Dinner Time
Billy, Joel, and Julia are invited to the judges’ secret lair.The back of the card says “Head Downstairs”, but the contestants don’t see it. They’re busy trying to decipher the secret message in the chocolates on the table. Finally, they see the card and head downstairs. The enter the secret chamber and get to see the cameras watching them. A video of Vanessa begins to play, and she tells the contestants they’ve been looking for their True Beauty. Then they are treated to clips of their worst moments. Joel thinks the clips are making him look worse than he is.

Julia’s not worried about the judges spying on her. Joel claims he’s not aggressive unless something is really important to him, and he’s simply passionate about winning. Billy says the one thing he hasn’t shown so far is self-confidence, and he plans to show the judges that he has what it takes at the Hall of Beauty.


Hall of Beauty
The judges think Joel is passionate, Julia has grown, and Billy is consistent. They have to pick who has the most inner and outer beauty. Julia thinks she should win, now that she knows the contest is about inner and outer beauty. The contestants have to face the judges, and tell them why they should win.

Billy takes third place, and Joel follows up in second. Julia is named the Most Beautiful Person! The judges note that she is the only contestant who passed all of the secret challenges.

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Photos courtesy ABC.

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3 Responses to “True Beauty: Finally the Most Beautiful!”

  1. mama Says:
    March 9th, 2011 at 3:43 am

    I am starting to love this show. at least, now there is a show that goes beyond the physical appearance of a person. it is something that we need to teach the public that more than beautifying our bodies and faces, we need to cultivate a good attitude.

  2. alina Says:
    April 6th, 2011 at 2:36 am

    this is my coolest tv-show. cos it shows that beaytiful man also could have not so clear behavier. but i like look at models. maybe that s why this tv-show become so popular. my wish is toweit for contunios. sorry

  3. Christine McDow Says:
    April 6th, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    Some of the guys were good looking. Others were scary!


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