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Dancing With the Stars: Cheryl Burke’s Two-Faced Comments

February 25, 2009 11:00 AM by Paulene Hinds


Dancing With The Stars Pro Cheryl Burke did a photo shoot for the TV Guide Magazine cover this week and said, “We are going for a sexy look, a changed woman.” This comment was apparently in regards to the fact that she has lost weight since being be-littled by some of her male Dancing With The Starsco-stars last season for gaining weight during the off season of the hit ABC show. Last season however, she had a very different story to tell the media in regards to the weight issue, which makes us all wonder if she indeed did break under media pressure and is a little bit hypocritical.

During her photo shoot she was asked how she feels about singerJessica Simpson being portrayed as fat in the media recently and Cheryl Burke said that after what she endured in the media last year, she understands exactly what Jessica Simpson is going through. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Cheryl Burke said, “It is a shame that people don’t focus on what she is good at which is her singing and her talent. It is a horrible message to send out. All I can say to her is ignore it, move on and do what she is good at.”

After inviting Jessica Simpson to try Dancing With The Stars, she thenwent on to speak about her partner this season, model Gilles Marini. Of course Cheryl Burke feels that he has a great chance to win it, but it doesn’t have anything to do with his dancing technique. She said, “I think it helps that he has a great body. He is lean, which gives him great lines.” She added,”He is very good looking. He is charming. He has a heavy French accent. I think women will fall in love with him.” All this coming from someone who thinks that beauty comes within!

Wewonder how Cheryl Burke would feel if her partner Gilles Marinihad a little bit of a paunch going on or some meat onhis backside. Would she still feel the same about him, since afterall she would never listen to the media in regards to weight issues now would she?We think what she was really saying to Jessica Simpson was, “It’s okay to be fat Jessica, but come onto Dancing With The Stars and get your figure back!”

Did we forget to mention thatCheryl Burkehas a new man in her life also? He is a model too and surely he is just as beautiful on the inside as he is onthe outside!

The season premiere of Dancing With The Stars season 8 premieres March 9 on ABC.

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Photo Credit: MSNBC

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