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American Idol 8: What Have You Done?

February 26, 2009 06:59 PM by Candace Young


Ryan Seacrest begins American Idol on FOX tonight by announcing that viewers logged 25 million votes since last night’s performance show! After introducing the judges, and noting that three contestants will go through after this episode, Ryan asks Simon Cowell what is different for him this year. Simon says he likes to get a bit better every year, but wants to talk less about him and more about the show!

The twelve contestants begin the show by singing I Just Can’t Stop as a group. Adam and Kai stand out during the performance.

Ryan next takes a look back at the previous night on American Idol when the lucky twelve prepared to perform live. He remembers how Simon commented on the bad choice of songs, and how the judges reacted to Nick’s comedic performance – with Simon telling him he prays he doesn’t go through to the next round! Ryan wonders who made the biggest impression on America!

Nick is asked what they can expect from him if he doesn’t make it through – he jokes that he’ll be looking for employment! Matt expresses no regret over talking back to Simon the previous night, and Jesse and Jeanine stand by their performances as well.

Ryan Seacrest asks Allison to join him on stage, recalling how she ‘blew it outta’ the box’ last night! Jesse is asked down next on American Idol. Ryan points out that Simon called her forgettable. Matt is brought down next and asked to stand next to the girls. Ryan asks Randy Jackson who of the three should make it through – Randy picks Allison. Ryan says that the person through to the Top 12 – is – Allison! Matt and Jesse congratulate her, and Ryan asks her to sing again!


With two more empty stools to fill on American Idol tonight, Ryan calls down Megan and Chris. Megan is reminded that she got positive reviews from the judges last night. Kris had positive reviews from all of the judges except Kara Dioguardi. Jeanine and Matt Giraud are also brought down – both are incredibly nervous and scared. Ryan asks Paula her opinion on who will get the top spot. Paula is torn between Megan and Kris. Jeanine is sent away, as is Matt. Megan and Kris are left. Kara tells Kris he is very talented, and tells Megan she is unique. Simon keeps interrupting, and Kara asks if he ever shuts up?! Ryan takes over again, announcing that, in fact, Kris is going through!

After a montage from previous seasons, Ryan Seacrest announces that as a special treat, Brook White, possibly the nicest person ever to take part in American Idol, has returned to perform a song called Hold Up My Heart.

Next on American Idol, Ryan calls Mishovanna and Kai, neither of whom have regrets about their song choice the previous night. Jasmine is also brought down to the stage – she is prepared for whatever happens. Adam and Nick are also in the line up. They are the only two left after Mishovanna, Kai, and Jasmine are sent away! Ryan asks Simon if he really went home and prayed that Nick wouldn’t get through last night. Simon says he prayed for four or five hours, actually! Ryan says the results will be read after the break!


Ryan goes over the judges’ remarks from Nick and Adam’s performance the previous night. American has spoken – Nick is not through to the next round – Adam is! Adam thanks everyone and takes the stage to sing Can’t Get No Satisfaction again!

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