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Hell’s Kitchen Sends Home A Crap Cook

February 26, 2009 09:01 PM by DA Southern


Hell’s Kitchen again leaves us exactly at the place we left our last episode with someone mad about the choice that Chef Ramsay made as we saw Charlie going home. Seth promised to fight on, barely surviving the wrath of Chef Ramsay, but most of his team mates were intent on seeing him leave. With Seth squarely in the target of the men and Colleen in the sights of the women, it will be interesting to see if either of them manages to get their act together or manages to keep under the radar long enough to have Chef Ramsay focus on someone else.

After Seth told the men he deserved to be there and would fight to stay, Chef Ramsay gathered the chefs for a breakfast challenge for a group of little athletes from the Pacific Coast Youth League for breakfast. The challenge was a simple breakfast served to the kids and the first team to complete the breakfast would win a reward.

The Red Team had the cheerleaders and Blue Team had the little football players for what seemed a fairly easy challenge. The boys were thriving at the challenge at the beginning and Colleen on the Red Team could not help but to get the attention of Chef Ramsay as she insisted on cheering instead of cooking.


The girls were unable to get in the grove and could not get orders out quick enough. Seth was not making things any easier in the Blue kitchen by being unable to cook scrambled eggs quick enough. Thanks to Seth, the ladies caught up and it was neck-and-neck as the teams struggled to feed their groups the quickest. With the orders flying out, the Red Team finally nailed down their first victory over the men and the men were set to clean the dining room, do the dishes and prep the kitchen for dinner for the evening service. The ladies were headed to a pampering in Beverly Hills for their reward and the men were left to pick up the pieces of their shattered team.

The men went off to bicker and Ben decided to take the leadership roll to try to reunite the team after the humiliating loss to the girls, especially after Danny stood before Chef Ramsay and told him that he was the strongest cook on the team. The roosters all started to crow and Ben finally told Danny that he could cook circles around Danny which then erupted into a shouting match and finally had Ben throwing a chair in frustration.


The girls took the opportunity to bond on their day out and hoped the crack in the men’s shell would carry on to the night’s service. The men tried to regroup and get a sense of team unity and when the girls came back and rubber their faces into the fact that they lost, the men found a new energy to rebound and beat the ladies.

The kitchen was once again open for business and the orders immediately started flowing into Hell’s Kitchen. Giovanni immediately messed up by not having his water hot enough to boil for the appetizers and Seth was already in the hot-seat by not having the scallops ready. Chef Ramsay was sure that the men were in full sabotage-mode by not having prep work done for the ladies and called them out on it fairly quickly.

After an hour, there was still no food leaving the kitchens and it looked like the kitchens were faltering early in the evening’s service. Andrea took control in the Red kitchen as the ladies started to get food out in a rapid manner. Blue started getting out the food, but a lot of it began to come back, including a salad with the butt of the lettuce in the salad, much to the dismay of Chef Ramsay.


Ben was struggling to get out substantial lamb-chops and Colleen was once again struggling with LA constantly on her back to produce. Danny was no better in the Blue kitchen and Seth was doing himself no favors by acting clueless as the evening’s service progressed. The entrees were not going from either kitchen and the ones that did go out seemed to be returning as quick as they went out.

Taking it no longer, Chef Ramsay called the teams together and summarily threw the entire group of chefs out of the kitchens and told both teams to pick two to be eliminated as Jean-Philippe cleared out the dining room of the patrons.


The men went up to argue the selections with Seth an obvious choice but it was unclear between Ben and J, since he was at fault for being a “Butt-head” as Chef Ramsay called him for leaving the butt of the lettuce in the salad. Over in the Red Team deliberation room, Colleen and Lacey were fairly obvious choices for elimination, but Coi said that she deserved to go up for her poor performance in the service.

At the elimination, Chef Ramsay asked who was going up and Danny told Chef Ramsay that Seth was going up for obvious reasons and Ben, for his disjointed efforts in the kitchen. The girls nominated Colleen, who could not catch a break and Lacey nominated herself, with Chef Ramsay asking Coi if she agreed with that decision. Coi was honest saying that she did not do well, but Ramsay kept the nominations as they were.


The chefs all stated why they should stay and Chef Ramsay told Ben to get back into line, much to the dismay of Danny. With the two girls and Seth in front of him, Chef Ramsay finally had enough of Seth and sent him packing saying that, in the end, Seth was “Just a crap cook.”

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