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Survivor: Tocantins — Illness Brings One Down

February 26, 2009 08:15 PM by Ryan Haidet


Bonds formed on tonight’s Survivor: Tocantins — The Brazilian Highlands while one of the contestants became sick with stomach problems. But that’s not all, Coach‘s personality really began to shine through as he fought for a leadership position and found himself an assistant.

Timbira Illness, Jalapao Joy

When Timbira returned to camp on Night 6, Erinn was completely blindsided by the vote to take out Candace. She was in panic mode since her strongest ally was booted from the game and Coach felt like she was insulting everybody’s intellingence.

The next morning, Jerry was battling a stomach problem. Although he wasn’t feeling up to par, he said he hated showing weakness. Even though he was feeling miserable, he continued to help out around camp to try and prove that he was still valuable to keep.

At Jalapao, JT was teaching everybody to use the fishing gear they had won at a prior Reward Challenge. JT and Stephen started catching loads of fish by using minnows as bait. Where Timbira was chowing down on beans, Jalapao was chewing on fish. It really brought up their camp morale.


Blind Leading The Blind

At the Reward Challenge, six members from each tribe were blindfolded and tied together in pairs. As in challenges from past seasons, the blindfolded contestants had to follow commands from one of their tribemates who could still see.


Without blindfolds, the task would be rather easy — walking through a maze with a bucket, which they had to fill with either water or corn. Then they needed to empty the contents of their bucket into two large containers. The first tribe to completely fill their containers would win a reward in the form of comfort — umbrellas, chairs, pillows, blankets and a tarp.


Joe was calling for Jalapao with Debbie calling for Timbira. Debbie struggled from the start as her tribemates got lost along the small course. Jalapao dominated and left Timbira in the dust. Jalapao easily won the Reward Challenge. In doing so, they also chose to send Brendan back to Exile Island. Brendan also got to bring one person from the winning tribe along and he picked Taj to join him once again.

This whole challenge sent me on a Survivor time warp since it was very reminiscent of a similar competition during the second season in the Australian Outback. Jerri Manthey was calling out commands for the blindfolded Ogakor tribe and after they lost, in a very memorable moment, Colby Donaldson drenched her with a bucket of water to release his frustration.

Alliances Strengthen

When Timbira returned to camp, Coach was angry with his tribe’s loss. He and Tyson went off to the river and started to discuss everybody’s faults at the challenge. “He’s not always the best at what he’s coaching, but he thinks he knows the most,” Tyson said of Coach. That’s when Coach told Tyson he was like his assistant — an assistant coach.

Coach said he was fine with not winning comfort — all he wanted now was to win the game.

Over on Exile Island on Day 7, both players picked their urn — Taj got the Idol clue this time and told Brendan that it’s definitely back at their camp and surrounded by wood. That night, the budding bond between them was really showcased as they continued to discuss their strategies. They planned a four-way alliance so when they got to the merge they would have a tight bond that nobody would expect. Taj wanted Stephen on their side and Brendan was ready to bring Sierra in.

Stairway To Immunity

At the Immunity Challenge, Brendan and Taj were reunited with their tribes.

This challenge consisted of the tribes pushing six huge crates along a field. Then they had to take those crates and stack them in the form of a staircase that spelled out their tribe name. The first to stack the crates correctly and climb to the top would win Immunity.


It was pretty even for most of the challenge. Timbira started working on their staircase just a few seconds before Jalapao and it became a race on who could build it faster. Erinn stood back and started leading Timbira. But her leadership was quickly called into question as Brendan felt she was wrong.

Jalapao didn’t argue and started nudging closer to winning. After placing their last crate successfully, they climbed to the top of the platform and celebrated with yet another victory.

Jerry Still Sick

Day 9 at Timbira, Jerry still wasn’t feeling very well — and his tribemates noticed. “I’m trying to endure,” Jerry said in a confessional. “Trying to tough it out the best I can. I’m not going to quit, though. That’s for sure.”

As Jerry tried to relax at the shelter, everybody else joined in the river to talk about the challenge. As soon as Erinn realized that Jerry was still sick she felt like she was safe. She smiled gleefully and that completely disgusted Coach. “It was the evilest look,” he told Tyson.


Her smile made his stomach sour and he wanted her out of the competition. Coach tried to work his magic of convincing Debbie and Sierra, but it didn’t work. Sierra didn’t want to cut Erinn out of the contest yet because she felt Jerry’s illness was detrimental to their success.

Hidden Idol Is Found Before Trudging To Tribal

With two clues to lead him along the way, Brendan started to search for the hidden Idol near his tribe’s treemail station. He found the Idol rather easily on the back side of a large tiki.

Shortly before Tribal Council, Jerry said that he was starting to feel better. Was it enough to save him? Did Coach convince the others that Erinn was the one to go?

At Tribal Council, Tyson said that they just need one win to regain momentum. Erinn said she was very frustrated with their Immunity loss since people were arguing with her. Jerry didn’t feel they communicated well as a tribe so he suggested a leader be appointed. He felt Brendan was best suited to hold that position.

But Coach completely disagreed.

Coach felt he would make the strongest leader of the group saying that during the challenge he had told everybody what to do by leading them with his eyes. Huh? He continued to campaign for himself even though several others thought Brendan should take the reigns. Jeff Probst asked Coach if he was simply struggling with his ego.

After Coach argued for his top spot at Timbira, they all cast their votes. After they were tallied, Probst revealed that Jerry was the third person voted off of Survivor: Tocantins.


Images courtesy of Monty Brinton/CBS.

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