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The Bachelor: Host Chris Harrison Denies Staging Show Ending And Set-Up Rumors

February 27, 2009 03:00 PM by Paulene Hinds


The Bachelor host Chris Harrison, is denying the recent allegations that ABC has staged the ending of this season’s The Bachelor. The rumors began when ABC released that they will air a second After the Final Rose special scheduled forTuesday, after Monday’s two-hour finale and first After the Final Rose special. Chris Harrisonwrote about the staging allegations and the spoiler rumorsmade by a certain The Bachelor reality TV bloggerand what he thinks about the whole issue.

“We are not responsible for, nor have we ever scripted, the ending of this show,” Chris Harrison wrote in a posting on his Entertainment Weekly website blog. “Let me re-type this slowly so all of you can read this: We do not, and have not, decided the ending of any of our seasons. Let’s be honest, if we did don’t you think we would do a better job and have a much higher success rate?”

Chris Harrison,who has been with The Bachelor since its first season and has hosted all seventeen seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette continued, “As much as we’d love to take credit, we didn’t tell Trista to fall in love with Ryan, get married, and have two babies. We didn’t script Charlie falling in love with Sara only to struggle as a couple battling an addiction and then persevere and now thrive as a happy couple. Nor did we tell Brad Womack to not pick anybody and just leave and go back to his life in Texas. These were all cases of good ol’ fashioned human behavior and free choice.”

“I’ve always felt the genius behind the producing of this show is the environment we create. Now, what happens in that environment — the decisions made, the things said, and done or left undone — that is what is truly compelling,” Chris Harrison said. “Those actions and decisions, and the fact that we love to watch it all unfold, is what drives this show. The beauty of what [The Bachelor producer] Mike Fleiss created is that this is not a game show nor is it a scripted soap opera. There’s nothing waiting at the end of this show but the reality of the decisions the people on it have made.”

“We have not shot the second After the Final Rose special yet! I gotta be honest. It’s going to be really hard to go back and edit a show we haven’t even shot yet,” Chris Harrison wrote. “Well, I’m sure some of my new friends out there will figure a way around that one.”

Chris Harrison went on, “As much as I’m sorry that some of you have somehow found a reason to doubt my integrity and honesty, there’s not a whole hell of a lot I can do about that. If something you’ve heard or seen from somebody you don’t know has suddenly changed your opinion of me then is there really anything I could say or do that could change your mind anyway? I learned a long time ago (15 years of marriage) to pick my battles and this, my friends, is one I really don’t care to fight.”

When asked whether the ending had been staged and whether any of the other rumors circulating about this season’s ending of The Bachelor were true, an ABC spokesperson stated that the network had no comment onthe claims and urged viewers to “tune in to find out what actually happens.”

The finale of the The Bachelor airs at 8 PM ET, March 2 on ABC.

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