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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Augustin Family!

March 01, 2009 07:01 PM by Candace Young


This week on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Ty Pennington and the design team are heading to Keller, Texas to help the Augustin family who have had their home ruined by a natural disaster. Mom, Amber had severe complications with her third pregnancy, which resulted in a premature birth. Lane was born with severe respiratory problems, which inspired the Augustin family to begin participating in the March of Dimes walk each year, as well as prompting Amber to begin taking pictures of other premature babies in the NICU to provide families, who sometimes lose their newborns, with precious memories. One year ago, however, disaster struck and the family home was flooded, resulting in the loss of all their furniture, and the need to rebuild the entire home – which proved financially impossible for them.

On Door Knock Day, Ty calls out Peter, Amber, and their kids to meet the design team! After a lot of embracing, Peter and Amber Augustin explain the dire situation with their home to Ty. He tells them that they will be going to Hawaii while the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition team works! They visit the house, which also served as Amber’s photo studio. Ty points out that toxic water entered the home. John visits with Lane on the swing set out back, finding out that the little boy likes bulls and rodeos. Tracy, meanwhile, discovers that Emily, the daughter, aspires to be an actress, while Paul chats with eldest son, Cameron, who likes music! Still chatting with Amber, Ty realizes that they are alike in the sense that they try to use their creativity to help make others’ lives better. He sees the family off on their vacation.

The March of Dimes provides volunteers to help the Extreme Makeover Home Edition team build the new house, and the Augustin family frolics in Hawaii! Ty contacts the family via video to introduce them to Steve Wall from Wall Homes, who will be overseeing the build, and whose twins were born premature. As the family watches, Ty calls in the cavalry on horseback to assist in the demo of the flood damaged house. Once they’ve done their worst, a bulldozer with Texas longhorns on the front finishes the job!


As the build progresses, Paul explains that they have raised the foundation of the new house up in order to avoid future flooding issues. John is working on a rocking horse for Lane, and guided by Paul, some of the workers stage an impromptu concert! Ty is working on a special project for Amber that’s going to be ‘picture perfect’! Tracy is doing a ‘starlet’ room for Emily, complete with a vanity! The Augustin family, back in Hawaii, is boating and doing all sorts of activities. Paul contacts them via video so that some people, who had their babies photographed by Amber in the NICU, can thank her.

John is creating an outdoor oasis, so that Amber has a place to take beautiful pictures. Extreme Makeover Home Edition’s Ty Pennington is flabbergasted to turn around in his work tent and see a huge bull! Tracy and Paul visit a March of Dimes auction and Paul’s attempts to get the delicious sandwiches result in him inadvertently bidding on things! Back at the house, Ty explains that he has conferred with his friends at Sears Portrait Studio for some ideas for Amber’s project area. Paul has acquired some drums for Cameron. Now, it’s time for the furniture to be moved inside and the family to come home!

Ty explains that ABC and Extreme Makeover Home Edition have brought the family back early because he has a very big surprise for her. It is nighttime when the family arrives, and they are taken to a gallery – full of Amber’s photographs of premature babies!


The next day the Augustin family is brought to the site of their new home for the ‘move that bus’ moment! As the crowd does their thing, chanting and clapping, the bus moves forward and the house in revealed! It is stunning – the family is in tears and in shock! Extreme Makeover Home Edition’s Ty Pennington introduces them to builder Steve Wall and embraces are shared. Ty then takes them to check out the house!

Inside, the house has a bricked indoor arch from the old house, and Amber’s photographs are framed and featured throughout. Amber loves the open kitchen, and Ty mentions that the appliances are all donated by Sears. Lane is the first to see him rodeo room – he gets right on his rocking horse, proclaiming his space to be ‘so cool’! Emily raves that her room is awesome! Amber and Peter check out the master bedroom – they are very impressed with their spot to relax and be themselves. Cameron has a vivid purple rockin’ music room – complete with recording studio! He is blown away and says it means a lot to him. Ty gives a screeching impromptu electric guitar lesson!


Finally, on Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Ty takes Amber to see her studio – his special project. She is so thrilled to be able to get back to work and do some good. All the cameras and equipment has been donated by Sears Portrait Studio. Photos of the volunteers that helped build the house adorn the walls. Last, the Augustin gets to see their new backyard, which has fountains and landscaping conducive to taking beautiful pictures. The design team comes out and greets the family members, and Ty says, “Welcome home, Augustin family, welcome home!”

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Photos Courtesy: Wall Homes, zillowblog

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