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The Bachelor: Jason Mesnick Is Still Single

March 02, 2009 10:06 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight, on a special three hour edition of the Bachelor, Jason Mesnick takes Molly and Melissa to meet his family and Ty. Although he admits that he’s falling in love with both women, Jason still ends up proposing. However, that’s not the end. When they advertisedit would be the most shocking after the rose ceremony ever – they were actually telling the truth this time. Jason reunites with both girls in an intimate ceremony and revealsa decision that will changeall of theirlives…

The bachelor is reunited with his son Ty in New Zealand before he has his two final dates. The next day, Melissa comes to greet Jason on the beach and Jason is excited for her to meet Ty. They head for the golf course where Ty is putting some balls. Instantly, they seem to have a great connection and Ty is very chatty with her. Jason says he’s going to walk up the hill for a second and he comes back carrying a lamb. They hang out for awhile and then head to meet Jason’s parents!

The couple walks in to meet Jason’s parents, brothers, and sister-in-law. They ask Melissa how it was meeting Ty and what she thinks of Seattle. His brother tells the camera that they want to make sure to ask all the questions they didn’t ask Deanna last time, to make sure Jason isn’t hurt. The family brings up the fact that Jason hasn’t met her parents. His mom brings Melissa aside to ask her more questions about her family because she knows what a big deal it is to Jason. She also asks Melissa what it is that she loves about him and she says that he accepts her fully the way she is.


Then Jason’s brother talks to Melissa and he lets her know he’s skeptical. Meanwhile, Jason talks to his dad and says that he’s impressed with Melissa’s ability with children. His dad thinks she would be a great addition to their lives and it’s time for his son to finally have the family he deserves. The family discusses the two of them when they’re out of the room and they think Jason has a spark they haven’t seen in awhile. Then, the couple comes in and says goodbye. Melissa thinks the day went absolutely perfect and Jason says he is definitely falling for her.

The next day, it’s Molly’s turn to impress the little guy. Molly is a bit nervous and Jason understand since Molly hasn’t been around many kids. When they first walk up to Ty, he is very shy and continues playing with his toys. He doesn’t greet Molly at all. They start playing frisbee and Jason tries to get Ty to include her but he doesn’t want to. Eventually he warms up and they fly some kites on the beach. They play around for awhile.


Next Molly and Jason go to meet Jason’s family. They ask what her parents impression of Jason was and she tells them that her dad thought he was perfect for her. His brother asks if Molly is in love and she says yes. Again, the brothers grill the girl. They ask how Molly knows she is so sure of the long term situation with Jason. She says they just have to trust her when she says she cares about him. They ask if she’s ready for the relaxed, family life and she says she’s done with the party phase and is ready for something deeper.

Jason’s parents tell him that they felt good about Molly’s perspective and the things she said. They ask how Jason feels about her qualities. Jason says although they have more differences than he and Melissa, he can’t get enough of Molly. They really like how she is focused on her career. Molly talks to Jason’s mom privately and tells her that she has no problem moving to Seattle. Jason asks him mom what he’s supposed to do. His mom talks about how Molly’s career is important to her and he is looking for someone more family orientated.

He tells her that he doesn’t want to let either one go because he can see a life with both. His mom tells him to trust his gut. Molly and Jason sit down on the bench and talk about the day. Jason says he’s not surprised his family loved her. Melissa calls her parents and asks them if they will talk to Jason on the phone. The next day Jason comes to meet her and they go for a tour on a yacht. Unfortunately, it starts to storm and the date isn’t as romantic as they hoped. However, they get into their bathing suits anyway and jump off the boat into freezing cold water. That night, they meet for a romantic date. They sit on the floor by the fire and Melissa tells Jason that her parents want to talk to him.

They cuddle on the bed and Melissa tells Jason that he’s shown her a new way to love and he needs to believe her when she says she is in love. Jason tells her she needs to know that he’s never felt that way either. Jason leaves and Melissa says “to be continued.”

It’s time forthe bachelor’sfinal date with Molly. It’s raining when they meet and their umbrellas are breaking. Molly tells him that she has something planned. They walk into Molly’s place and there are massage tables set up and she gets in a bikini and gives him a massage. Big surprise, they start making out.

Then they shower and Molly cooks dinner. She tells him that she was giving him 99% of herself, and at the last rose ceremony she realized she wanted to give him 110%. She opens up and tells Jason her deepest feelings. Jason says that when she says things like that he feels unbelievable. Then Molly goes and gets him a present she made for him. It’s a scrapbook of all their dates, etc. and a fairytale she wrote about their journey. The next day, Jason calls Melissa’s parents. They seem to have a very good conversation. Jason is even more conflicted now because he doesn’t have any reservations about either girl.

And then…


Deanna comes back! Jason goes to the door and he asks what she is doing there. She says she came to visit and he is shocked. Deanna tells him she would have done things differently and that she picked Jesse because he was fun. She tells him that if she’d of chosen Jason it would have worked because he had everything she was looking for. She says he hasn’t proposed yet and that they still have a chance. Jason tells her thank you and he’s flattered but he has two girls that he’s falling for. Deanna gives him advice to look further than the immediate fun and not to follow his heart, but to lead it. Dang. She got shot down.

The morning of the proposal, Jason looks at some ring options. Jason goes out to his balcony and stares at the ring. He says he is completely confused and wants both girls. Jason starts to cry and says he never thought he’s be faced with such a tough decision. He gets dressed for the evening, and oddly, his tie is the same color blue as Molly’s dress… hmm?


Molly is the first one out of the limo. Chris Harrison walks her out and she walks to Jason.Jason looks at her and Molly says that before he says anything she wants to tell him she wouldn’t take back a minute of this journey and he’s shown her something beautiful. Jason tells her she’s amazing in every way possible and her eyes always have him hooked. He says he doesn’t know how he could ever let her go… but he has to. Molly looks down and just says, “wow.” Jason starts to cry and says he has no good reason other than that he’s in love with Melissa. She says she doesn’t understand and she thinks he’s made a big mistake. While they are walking out she keeps repeating “I just don’t get it.” She tells him that she thinks he’ll end up hurt again – he says she’s wrong. Molly says she hopes that she is.

Before Molly gets into the limo, Jason tells her everything was real and that he started falling for her early on. Then comes the crying on the balcony scene that we’ve seen played over and over in every preview. Molly is silent in the car and finally says she’s just shocked.Melissa arrives and she’s shaking. She walks up to Jason and he tells her he started falling for her on their very first date. He says he came into this looking for someone exactly like her and she’s made him the happiest he’s been his entire life. He tells her he’s in love with her and she starts jumping up and down. He gets down on one knee and asks Melissa to make him the happiest man and she gets down and of course, says yes. They go up on the balcony to kiss and Ty comes out to greet them in his bowtie. They all jump into the pool together and celebrate.


AFTER THE ROSE CEREMONY: Chris greets us in an empty room and he says there will be an intimate filming with only the parties involved. He brings Jason out and asks him how he’s been doing. Jason says it’s been crazy and starts crying. He talks about Melissa and how amazing she is, but says that since the show ended things have been different. Jason says they aren’t right for eachother. He said they spent alot of time together and the chemistry is different!

Chris asks Jason what Melissa knows and he says she knows he feels different. He says over the last few weeks, he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Molly. Jason wanted to give it a real try with Melissa but he can’t help how he feels. He says as soon as Molly left, he felt like a huge piece of his life was missing. Chris asks if Jason has talked to Molly since the engagement and he says no because it wouldn’t be fair to Melissa. Jason says he’s going to end it tonight with Melissa. He says that both girls have the right to be mad at him.

Melissa comes out and sits down. Jason tells her that all of his feelings were true along the way, but he feels things are different. Melissa just keeps on nodding and staring away as he talks. Melissa gets upset and says she doesn’t understand how Jason can be saying these things. She doesn’t know why Jason wants to pull away at the first sign of difficulty. She asks him what she did or what happened and that Jason isn’t being honest. Jason tells her he fell for two people at the same time and he still has feelings for Molly. Melissa asks if he’s been talking to her. Jason says no and he tried to clear his head but he couldn’t. She says he doesn’t want to fight for her because he’s having doubts. He says he can’t control his head and his heart. She calls him a bastard and Jason says he doesn’t regret anything with Melissa. She says she wishes he would have just let her go on that day instead of putting her through this. She says she’s so mad at him and hands back the ring. She cries and says she doesn’t get it.


Chris leaves and gives them a chance to say goodbye. Melissa says it makes no sense and Jason should know better than to do something like this when they’ve both been through so much heartbreak. She tells him to not call her and to leave her alone. She gets in the limo and says that it is an awful feeling when you trust someone and they throw away your heart. She says she acted mad because she didn’t want him to know how much he hurt her. She says she can’t be mad at Jason for not being in love with her and she knows someday she’ll wake up and know why this happened.

Jason tells Chris that he never lied to her about anything. Then Chris brings out Molly to speak with her alone. Chris asks her how she’s doing and she says she’s nervous to see Jason again. Molly says the week after she got rejected it was the worst week of her life. She admits she still has feelings for him and that doesn’t go away overnight. She says she has lots of questions for him and needs to get closure. Chris asks her if she ever thinks that maybe Jason changed his mind. Molly says she wishes for that everyday, but only wants Jason to be happy.

Jason comes out and Molly asks him when he knew he wanted Melissa instead. He tells her he never really knew and he was heartbroken when he let her go. She tells Jason that he didn’t have a good answer for her as to why he didn’t pick her and he said that’s right. Jason tells Molly that he just broke up with Melissa. He says he doesn’t want to jump from one thing to another so quickly but he wants to give it a shot. Molly is stunned. She asks about Melissa and Jason says what he did was horrible and he doesn’t want to live with regrets. Chris asks Jason if he’s still in love with Molly and he says yes.

Jason says he did what he thought was right at the time, but there was no doubt that she was still in his heart. Molly says she’s really confused and that they have alot to talk about. She says her feelings never went away and they can see where things go. She says she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t happy this happened. He says he was always falling in love with her and he’ll never stop.


Well… time will tell. Based on previous shows, the odds are against them. Stay tuned for the second half of the after the rose ceremony tomorrow night!

The Bachelor season finale will air Monday, March 2 from 8 PM to 10 PM ET on ABC.

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Photo Credit: Kevin Casey/ABC

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    The guy is obviously gay, he just doesn’t know it yet.


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