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Getting To Know American Idol’s Adam Lambert

March 03, 2009 01:00 PM by Christine McDow


One of the men put through to the top 12 on American Idol last week was the cutie, Adam Lambert. He is such a likeable guy on TV we couldn’t wait until we got to talk to him to see if he really is what he seems. We finally got to hear from him, Allison Iraheta and Kris Allen on Friday.

Question: How do you think your look has changed between the time you auditioned and now the live performances for your votes?

Adam Lambert: Obviously we were waiting around all day at that San Francisco audition, so I kind of wanted to stay comfortable. For the other night, for the performance, that was my chance to kind of present myself, so of course I upped the fashion kick a little bit. I put on something a little dressier, a little funkier.

Question: Do you shop for your own clothes or are you getting help from some of the American Idol stylists?

Adam Lambert: No, actually at this point, up until now, it has all been my own eye.

Question: You mentioned that you’ve been doing musical theater all your life. Can you tell me maybe your first role where you were up on the stage and got to sing something cool or when you kind of knew that you were going to want to do this?

Adam Lambert: Yes. I actually was cast in a production of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown when I was ten years old, and I played the role of Linus with the blanket.

Question: Simon kind of had a mixed review for your performance the other night calling it brilliant and then excruciatingly bad. How do you kind of respond to that critique?

Adam Lambert: Well I responded on air, and I just kind of said well I guess that’s kind of music in generalâ⬔you either love it or you don’t love it. Obviously I’m a risk taker. I kind of feel like I’m not easy listening. You know what I mean? I’m not going to be always the most digestible thing for everybody across the board; I’m specific, and I like to kind of blow it out the box and either you like it or you don’t.

Question: Going forward are you going to kind of stick to that or do you try and take into consideration what the judges say and work that in as well?

Adam Lambert: Yes, of course I take what they say. They’re obviously professionals, and I take everything that they say and I listen. I think that it’s important to maintain a balance between your own integrity and what you want to do, and then what the audience wants, and what the judges want to hear. So kind of mix that all together and come up with something. My plan is that I’m not planning on wailing at the top of my lungs every week; I think the audience would grow tired of that. I intend on making it interesting by varying up the mood and the style of the song that I’m singing week-to-week.

Question: What was your reaction when you heard the producers placing your performance last on Wednesday? That’s always considered an honor to be the last guy on.

Adam Lambert: Yes. I was honored. I was excited, because I knew that meant that I was closing the show and that I’d be fresh in everybody’s minds when they started voting. I was really, really happy.

Question: Did you have to sing to a backing track or was there some sort of unseen live band?

Adam Lambert: Oh, that was a live band. Unfortunately you didn’t see them; they were behind the wall. If you look at the wide shots they’re to the right – or to my left, to your right.

Question: Why did they hide them?

Adam Lambert: I don’t know why they hide them. I was asking the same question.

Question: When you made this visual transition, and you look so much like a rock star now, did you get some help from the cast of Wicked which you were in? Because you worked, obviously, every night with Broadway people who know about make up and clothes did you get advice on this?

Adam Lambert: When I started going into rehearsals for Wicked all the other kids looked at me like I was a freak because I was dressed like that in rehearsal. That has always been my style. In the Broadway community, in the show, I’m costumed in that. So the stuff that you’ve been seeing me wear on American Idol is really my daily street wear.

Question: We’ve seen quite a lot of you on screen, how much do you think that focus helped you?

Adam Lambert: Of course it has helped. It has exposed me to people more and more times, and so they get the feeling like they know me, and that’s really exciting. And they get to hear me talk and hear my opinions, which are many. Yes, of course it has helped, and I’m really, really thankful to the producers for featuring me in such a way.

Question: Do you think that viewers vote for someone– I mean how much do you think that say like an emotional story, like say Danny’s emotional story, how much do you think that back story makes a difference?

Adam Lambert: I think it does make a difference. I think it allows the audience to empathize with that person, with that artist, especially when you go on stage and sing a certain number. If they can relate to the song, if the

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3 Responses to “Getting To Know American Idol’s Adam Lambert”

  1. JohnPaulus Says:
    March 3rd, 2009 at 6:46 pm

    Simon says Adam is his favorite contestant this year http://adamlambert411.blogspot.com/

  2. Brittany10049 Says:
    March 12th, 2009 at 2:06 pm

    Where you on parental control.

  3. Adam Says:
    July 19th, 2012 at 10:32 am

    No, Brittany, that’s not me in the opening of Parental Control. I’ve heard he does look a lot like me, but he was on Mikey’s episode. I haven’t done Parental Control.


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