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Getting To Know American Idol’s Kris Allen

March 03, 2009 03:00 PM by Christine McDow


Kris Allen was considered by some a long shot for the final spot in last weeks American Idol round two results show. We liked him, but we also liked a couple others so it was clearly a toss up. Luckily he made it, along with Adam Lambertand Allison Iraheta,and we got to learn more about him during Friday’s interview. Do you think he will go far this season?

Question: How do you think you’ve evolved as a performer since the American IdolHollywood week?

Kris Allen: Well you know I usually do stuff with a guitar, I usually perform with my guitar, and so I really had to learn not to do that this past week. So it was tough, but I learned a lot from this past experience.

Question:On your Website it talks about you traveling to Spain, Morocco, Thailand, Mozambique, South Africa, and a number of countries. You seem to be really well traveled. What’s taking you to all these different parts of the world?

Kris Allen: Actually just doing kind of philanthropy stuff; just trying to help people out and just a lot of mission kind of stuff.

Question:Is it mission work with your church then?

Kris Allen: It’s with a campus ministry that I went to. Yes.

Question:What was it like when you made it through to the top 12 of American Idol? Was it a surprise or how much have you expected to make it through?

Kris Allen: Yes. When I made it through I was really, really shocked, because this group two that we have was just really, really good and a lot of talented people. I felt like anybody had a shot, so I felt really, really lucky to actually make it through with all those other people.

Question:I think a lot of viewers were probably wondering why we hadn’t seen a lot of you prior to the performance, and Tara kept on raving about your performance of Everything by Michael BublÃ. Did you feel in a way when you watched the show back, “Hey, where am I? How come I didn’t get more screen time?”

Kris Allen: I think that went through my head maybe a little bit, but in the back I was just trying to stay grounded and be like hopefully that doesn’t matter–it doesn’t matter so much and I can go out there and do my thing this week on live TV and more people are watching that then even the Hollywood stuff. I think that I showed myself this past week and I think people liked it.

Question:How much do you credit Simon Cowell’s comment about how, ‘I think the chicks are really going to dig you,” as sending you through to the next level?

Kris Allen: You know it probably helped. I’m not going to lie.

Question:What theme week if they announced it would just make you so excited and really jazzed?

Kris Allen: I would love like the Beatles or something like that. That would be so amazing just because they have so many songs, they have so much, I feel like you can do a lot with their songs, and that would be really, really cool.

Question:Was anybody questioningNick/Norman’s basic mockery of the show?

Kris Allen: He’s not mocking the show; he’s doing what he knows how to do, and that’s entertain and he’s really, really good at it. And no one shows anything towards him; we all love him to death.

Question:Now that you’re a finalist what’s your strategy to keep the votes coming in?

Kris Allen: My strategy has been the same this whole time is that I’m going to do what I know how to do, and that’s take songs and make them my own and be myself, and that’s all that I think any of us can do.

Question:What are some songs that you would love to do?

Kris Allen: Oh, that’s a tough one. But I’m not going to say, because hopefully that I get to do some of them. I don’t want to tell them now.

Question:Paula Abdul last week told Steven Fowler that singing a Michael Jackson song is like a kiss of death. Why did you decide to do it yourself? that scare you that she said that?

Kris Allen: Well I decided it a while back. It was a little scary, but you know I was really confident in what I was doing. I was just really, really happy that I didn’t get any comparisons to him, because that’s exactly what I wanted. I didn’t want anybody to compare me to Michael Jackson, so I’m glad that I accomplished that.

Question:Werethere any other songs you had in mind? And when Paula made that comment did you just stop for a second and go, “Oh wow, I have to do something else?”

Kris Allen: You know we had to do a lot of songs, we had to think of a lot of songs, and yes, there were some other ones. I can’t think of any of them off the top of my head. But you know when Paula said that I think at first impression I was probably a little bit, “Oh no, I’m singing ,

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