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Hell’s Kitchen: Ex-Mistress Put The Spice Back In Gordon Ramsay’s Marriage?

March 03, 2009 11:00 AM by Paulene Hinds


Although Gordon Ramsay, the infamous chef from Hell’s Kitchen denied that he had a 7 year affair with the famous British mistress Sarah Symonds, she is claiming that it was her relationship with him that made his relationship with his wife Tana even stronger. She notes that Gordon Ramsay has been spending more time with his wife Tana in Los Angeles while he is there filming Hell’s Kitchen and even lavishing her with affection.

Last year Gordon Ramsay was photographed by News of the Worldleaving Sarah Symond’s hotel room, but when he was confronted about having a relationship with her,he said that hewas not having an affair. Sarah Symonds however told the paper that she was indeedhaving an ongoing 7 year affair with him. Gordon Ramsay and Tana, who have 4 children,have been married 12 years, which would mean that theGordon Ramsay washaving an affair for more than half of his marriage.

Sarah Symonds, isbest known as the author who wrote the book “Having an Affair: A Handbook for the Other Woman” and was featured on Oprah Winfrey. Interestingly enough the book details a “friend’s” affair with a famous chef.

Sarah Symonds is currently in Los Angeles herself,doing a radio sex show, and she says that she is happy that the couple’s marriage has survived the affair. She spoke to the Daily Express about Gordon Ramsay and Tana this past weekend and stated, “Friends of mine saw Gordon and Tana riding bikes on Venice Beach in California last weekend and they looked as though they didn’t have a care in the world. I’ve never seen them look so happy. I think I have helped put that big smile on Tana’s face.”

She went onsaying, “I am not saying this to shock but just to document that an affair can actually help a marriage not only survive but also exist on a day-to-day basis. Wives and mistresses have more in common with each other than they can ever imagine and ever want to accept. A mistress and a wife are each sharing one half of the same man, a man who is the object of their desire, while that man is the one getting the best out of his two women and basically using each of them to selfishly enrich his life in the areas required to meet his day-to-day requirements and thus making sure everything in his world runs smoothly.”

Sarah Symonds is also taking credit for Gordon Ramsay looking so happy these days, but admitted that she was very upset with him when he denied his relationship with her and called her a liar, especially since she has helped his marriage. Sarah Symonds added, “Sadly though, in spite of all our good work, the mistress is the one to be cast aside and hounded and pounded. Most wives know their husbands are cheating on them and have their own reasons for staying.”

Maybe Sarah Symonds should look a little bit deeper into why Gordon Ramsay may be spending more time with his wife these days. Did she ever once think that Tana Ramsay knows that Sarah Symonds is doing her talk showin the same city that her husband is filming his reality show Hell’s Kitchenand has decided not to lether philandering husbandout of her sight so that the mistress can’t get her hooks into him again?

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