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The Bachelor: Trista Sutter Thinks Jason Mesnick Is Fickle

March 03, 2009 05:00 PM by Paulene Hinds


Last night on the season finale of The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick let Molly go and proposed to Melissa, professing his undying love for her. On the After the Final Rose ceremony however, he changed his mind, not only taking back Melissa’s engagement ring, butbreaking herheart as well. Why would he do such a thing? Apparently he is still in love with Molly and wants a chance to see where their relationship will go. Trista SutterfromThe Bachelorette, is not happy about the situation and has decided to have her say!

In an interview with momlogic, Trista Sutter said that in regards to her feelings about Jason Mesnick right now, she doesn’t understand how he could go from being engaged to Melissa and breaking it off with her,to kissing Molly on the same couch. Trista Sutter said, “He doesn’t deserve to walk away scot-free. I mean, what disappointed me as a mom is that he introduced both girls to Ty (Jason’s son).” She added,”Melissa was around, and now she’s gone. What is Ty going to think?”

Trista Sutter, the only person on any series of The Bachelor orThe Bachelorette who has found true love, has had the opportunity to talk with Melissa about the incident and it appears in her comments that Melissa did know something about what was going on last night. Trista Suttersaid, “I’ve spoken with Melissa. How could anyone do this?! I texted her last night and said, “I’m proud of the way you handled it.” She deserves so much better!” Trista Sutter then stated, “Melissa hasn’t been able to say anything about this until now, so I think she’s relieved. I am happy she can finally move on. As far as I’m concerned, this is a blessing in disguise. Now she can find someone who truly loves her.”

As for Molly, Trista Sutter had this advice for her, “I wouldn’t trust what he is saying to me. He is obviously fickle.” She also made the same comment that Melissa made to Jason Mesnick last night about fighting for their love and said, “He didn’t want to fight for the relationship between he and Melissa. He gave up. If you have such strong feelings for someone, at least give it a chance before making such a big decision.”

Momlogic asked TristaSutterif she thought that last night’s show was rigged by ABC as manyof theviewers are suggestingand Trista Sutter said that she didn’t believe that the producers could have manipulated the ending to the extent that it was done on the show. She also thinks that it was Jason Mesnick’s choice to break the engagement off in public stating, “Ryan (her husband) and I don’t think the producers could force him into something like that.”

So after all she has been through does Trista Sutter think that Melissa will try her hand at love in the same fashion once more, perhaps appearing nextas The Bachelorette? Trista Sutterreplied, “I can’t comment on that, but I think America would embrace her. After all she’s been through.”

The second After The Final Rose airs tonight10 PM ET on ABC.

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