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The Biggest Loser Couples And Another Shocking Weigh-In

March 03, 2009 08:48 PM by DA Southern


The Biggest Loser Couples still reeling from the last elimination of Dane, you know the “I ran a marathon but drove the last ten miles” one, that had the internet all abuzz. The couples were beginning their final decimation towards any semblance of Couples as the Blue vs Black battle begins in earnest and the coming weeks will see the once nice relationships in the Biggest Loser Ranch House probably go south. With eleven players remaining, the tension is getting unbearable as even the trainers are being pushed to their limits by the biggest group of Losers ever to enter the ranch.

The Blue Team announced that Dane had gone home and Mike was glad to see that his dad, Ron, had missed getting eliminated. Kristin, Cathy and Ron, Bob’s original team members, had made a pledge to stick together and decided no matter what to always do so in the elimination room.

Rocco DiSpirito then welcomed the Losers and gave them a lesson on the evils of fast food and gave them all of the bad news on the fat and calories in the typical fast food diet. It was eye-opening to the Losers, and probably to most watching and if it didn’t make you never want to eat at a fast food place again, nothing probably would.


Rocco then had a challenge that the Losers were to participate in based on the lessons they learned from DiSpirito. The Losers had to make healthy alternatives to the fast foods Rocco just profiled and the challenge was to make the best tasting dishes for the reward of Rocco cooking for them and an extra vote at the elimination, should they need it.

The teams had thirty minutes to cook for Rocco and all of the teams were struggling with the preparation of their dishes as it looked like no one had ever cooked anything in their lives. In the end, Ron’s pizza won over Mike’s pizza; Black Team won the Burrito taste-test; Black Team won the Burger taste-off and the challenge. Each team member drew a fortune cookie to see who would get the extra vote should they need it and Laura came up with the winning fortune cookie.


Rocco came over to cook for the Black Team and made them a healthy fried chicken dinner with all of the side dishes and to add insult to injury, the Blue Team had to come into wash dishes for the Black Team at the end of the meal.

Bob took his Blue team to a boxing gym and the, one and only, Sugar Ray Leonard was there to give them some lessons on boxing and then put the Blue team through their boxing paces. Sugar Ray then gave the Blue Team some great words of encouragement as he sent them back to the ranch to compete and win.

The Biggest Loser physician, Dr. Huizenga, was in to chat with Mike and Tara to congratulate the two on their weight loss. Mike had loss over a hundred pounds of fat and Tara had lost over 34% of her body weight to date. Mandi had improved her physical age from when she first entered the ranch when she was operating at a 60 year old level and even Ron was making progress as his diabetes was finally coming under control for the first time in years.


Jillian kept Sione back as she sent her team to the gym and wanted to talk to him about his gym workout ethic. After chatting with Sione, Jillian was back to the gym and gave Sione her undivided attention right up to the time he got hurt on some workout equipment. Jillian was focusing on Sione so much that Filipe was feeling neglected and would eventually go off on Jillian for ignoring him and the other Black Team members while in the gym.

The Losers were off to a LA food bank and host Allison Sweeney led the Losers into the food bank. The challenge was to assemble food into kits and then load the kits onto awaiting trucks and the first team to assemble 150 kits would win the challenge.

The Black Team started off on a pretty good clip and had about a ten kit lead at the first quarter mark. Blue Team tied it up at 109 kits and it looked like it was going to be a photo-finish as the teams struggled to complete the task. At the 125 mark, Blue pulled ahead slightly and Black lost valuable time when they were bringing one of their final loads to the truck. The Black Team pulled it out in the end and they all celebrated as they had a year of groceries each and letters from home.


After seeing everyone on the Black Team cry while reading the letters from home, one of the most tender moments of the show was when Black Team member, Mike, gave his groceries to Aubrey to help her feed her five kids.

Jillian, when hearing about the Black Team’s victory and that Laura had sat out of the challenge, was determined to work her harder than ever before and Bob was having his own problems with Mandi as she was concerned that she was not tight with the other Blue Team members who used to be on Bob’s team and would be going home. Jillian was still struggling with Laura and pushed her to the point of leaving from the gym when the other team members all said she was the weakest link.


Tara knew that Jillian had taken it too far with Laura but that Laura needed to be more committed to losing weight. Jillian told Laura that she was “Phoning it in” and that she was capable but that she needed to first find love for herself before she desired it from others.

The Weigh-In

At the weigh-in, another surprise awaited the Losers as Allison informed them that they would not be weighing in against each other but would be weighing in with each other for the first time in Biggest Loser history, like we needed another wrinkle in this ointment. However this was a bit different in that Allison told the Losers that they had to collectively lose over 77 pounds this week or one from each team would be going home, if not then everybody would be safe.

Helen lost 5 pounds

Mandi lost 8 pounds

Sione lost 3 pounds

Aubrey lost 8 pounds

Laura lost 7 pounds

Ron lost 6 pounds

Tara lost 11 pounds

Kristin lost 9 pounds

Filipe lost 8 pounds

Cathy lost 3 pounds

Mike finished off the unusual weigh-in needing to lose more than 9 pounds to keep everyone safe for another week. With mere seconds to go in the show, we did not see Mike’s final tally as it went to a “To be continued” screen and we saw the sorted highlights of what looks to be another tumultuous episode when we finally get to see Filipe lose it with Jillian.

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