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Make Me A Supermodel Sexy Underwear and a Go-See!

March 04, 2009 10:09 PM by Lisa Stauber


Bravo brings back their hit reality show, Make Me A Supermodel. Tyson Beckford’s still hosting, but the girls will have a new mentor this season, Nicole Trunfio. The series starts out just like last year, with the models showing up for the show – and finding that they are put to work right away!

Sixteen contestants are vying for the title of Supermodel, a lucrative contract with a modeling agency, and $100,000 to make their dream come true. They range in age fro 18 -26, and have remarkably diverse looks. They’re all super beautiful model material, of course! Tyson’s not judging this year, and there’s a lineup of design experts and photographers who will be grading the contestants modeling abilities.

First Shoot
Perou, a cutting edge photographer from Britain, will be shooting their first set of pics. He’s also one of the judges, but the models don’t know that. They’ll be paired up and hoisted into the air in a plexiglass box, where they will have to strut their stuff. Right away, Branden has a problem with his partner, a gay man. He might just be a little uncomfortable modeling sleepwear in the middle of the street!

Salome, 19, used to be Mennonite, which is similar to the Amish, and she’s a little uncomfortable. She claims that she’s ready to pose nude, though, if that’s what it takes to win. Sandhurst and Mountaha are not from America, but they do well. Perou praises Sandhurst’s poses. Gabriel and Salome are up next, but Gabriel doesn’t think she’ll go far because her body isn’t toned enough.


Chris, 22, thinks he has an advantage because of his androgynous looks. Perou doesn’t think Karen knows how to play to the camera. Colin has never modeled before, and he’s nervous. He’s in with Ken, 24, who is trying to coach him but Perou thinks Ken is stiff and Colin unseasoned. Laury poses with a married Jonathan and they get some good shots. The girls are having trouble being intimate without being sexual, and Perou’s disappointed. CJ is awkward, and her partner is frustrated.

The Model House
Tyson finally turns over the keys to their apartment, and the models rush to unpack their things. The house is beautifully decorated and there’s champagne for a toast, too! What more could they ask for? Everyone decides to play an introduction game. The next morning, Nicole arrives with the model’s books, which will hold their portfolio of shots from the competition. Colin and CJ hate their photos, and are hoping they don’t get eliminated.

There’s a new twist, and the judges will be phoning in the winner each day. Salome is the winner! “I can’t believe it! The fat girl won!” she screams. Her prize is a go-see, and she gets to pick one girl to go with her. She chooses CJ, because she thinks she can beat her.

The go-see is for a runway model for Catherine Malandrino – who also happens to be a judge! CJ loses out, because of her height, and so does Salome, because her walk stinks.

Cory, the head of New York Model Management, shows up to get the model’s measurements. Cory thinks Amanda has a great body, especially for a new mom. He says Mountaha’s 26 inch waist is too big, and that Salome has a big butt. He says Ken is too big, but it’s mostly bulk. Ken’s a personal trainer! Colin and Chris have to gain some weight, and work on their pecs so they can get up to the standard 40″ chest. Tomorrow is the first catwalk, and the first elimination, and the model’s are getting nervous.


The Catwalk
Tyson coaches the models, telling them that they’ll be judged on their walk, turn, and clothes. The winner of the catwalk challenge will get immunity and can’t be eliminated next week. A loser will also be chosen, and they’ll be going home.

The judges are Marlon, a model scout and manager, Jenny Shimizu, a supermodel, Perou, a photographer, and Catherine Malandrino, a designer. Chris, Jordan, Ken, Salome, Colin, and Sandhurst are called out to face the judges. They are both the best and the worst of the bunch.

Marlon tells Chris he isn’t confident enough, and Perou thinks he lacks vitality. Sandhurst impressed the judges with his walk, but Perou thinks Colin looked like a bobblehead doll. Ken’s runway was poor, and Catherine thinks he is charmless. Jenny loved the way Jordan showed the clothes, and Marlon loved Salome’s walk. Tyson says he thinks he could do great things with Colin, and Nicole loved both of her girls.


Salome has potential, and she’s safe, but not a winner. Jordan is declared the winner, and she’s got immunity next week. Sandhurst is safe, and Colin gets a pass, too. Ken was just too stiff and he’s going home this week. Chris squeaks by with instructions to show more emotion next week.

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Photos courtesy Bravo.

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