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The Bachelor: Jason And Molly Still Happy Together

March 04, 2009 01:02 AM by Britteny Elrick


It has been six weeks since last night’s After the Rose Ceremony, where Jason Mesnick shocked everyone by breaking off his engagement with Melissa to pursue a relationship with Molly. The happy couple will be reunited on stage to discuss their relationship since the Bachelor. But before they do, the audience and bachelorettes will have an opportunity to ask Jason anything they want! See what happened…

First, Chris brings out previous bachelorettes Naomi, Erica, Stephanie, Nikki, and Kari to comment on Jason’s decision. Nikki says it was really hard to watch what happened to both girls. Naomi agrees with her and says that “Melissa was her girl” and she wanted to go through the TV and punch him. [a sentiment I think we can all relate to] Erica says that he should have just stopped and given it more thought because he was messing with people’s lives. Stephanie, poor sweet Stephanie, says that she thought it was terrible to have to watch Jason in such agony on the balcony but he must follow his heart.

Then they take some audience comments. One guy stood up [probably the only guy in the audience] and said that he thought it was unacceptable and that he never would have proposed after he was so upset about Molly. After a few more questions, Chris brings out the Bachelor. They replay some scenes from last night’s breakup and Jason says that he never planned for any of this to happen. He knows it wasn’t classy but he doesn’t regret following his heart.


Jason says he isn’t proud of what he did and that no one deserves to be treated like that. He feels like he made the right choice and hopes everyone can recognize that. He says that he was in love with someone else and so why should he lead her on. Jason talks about how when he let Molly go she finally opened up and showed so much emotion. He said that although that didn’t change his feelings for Melissa, it caused his feelings for Molly to grow deeper. Jason says that Molly grew to be his best friend, but she also challenges him and they have a passionate connection. He says Melissa is one of a kind and she’ll love you til the day you die. Chris asks him how he would explain this to Ty and Jason says that he will tell him that people make mistakes.

Then Chris asks Jason to leave and Molly joins him on the couch. Molly says the it was the toughest time of her life after New Zealand. She says she was really shocked and hoping for closure when she came to the After the Rose Ceremony. Molly tells us that after she reunited with Jason they had lots and lots of talks and she “grilled him.” The main thing she wanted to know was why he didn’t realize he wanted to be with her while they were in New Zealand. She said it has been a hard couple of weeks with all of the rumors circulating. Molly feels that her character has been put into question and that is a tough situation but she’s had Jason to lean on.


Then the bachelor comes out to join Molly and Chris. Chris tells Jason that it is obvious how much he cares about this girl considering all of the public pain he’s gone through. Molly says they have a stronger appreciation for each other after having been through this whole experience and they wouldn’t change it for anything. Chris asks if Molly has forgiven Jason and she says she gives him alot of credit for getting where he is today and that of course, she forgives him.

Chris asks Jason if he knew what Molly would say when he asked her out. Jason says that he loved her no matter what he thought she’d do so he had to try. Molly says they’ve seen each other a handful of times since the show and it’s gotten better and better each time. They say that they are completely happy and Molly is planning a move to Seattle!

Chris brings out a gift for the couple. No, no. It’s not a trip to Aruba. It’s the “tent” where Jason got to first base. Aw.

As you may have guessed… the next Bachelorette is JILLIAN!!!


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