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The Bachelor: Melissa Rycroft Did Know What Was Coming Down, But Jason Mesnick Still Sucks!

March 04, 2009 10:00 AM by Paulene Hinds


On Monday night, The Bachelor Jason Mesnick, proposed to Melissa Rycroft and then retracted his proposal on the ABCprogram,After The Final Rose. Yesterday, we made the comment that during theTrista Sutterinterview with momlogic, it seemed as if Melissa Rycroftknew what was going to happen to her before she met up with Jason Mesnickon the After The Final Rose ceremony. Jason Mesnick has confirmed that Melissa Rycroftdid indeed know what was going to happen on the showas he hadbroke off their engagement before they appeared on TV.

In an interview with The Los Angeles Times on Tuesday afternoon, Jason Mesnick explained that he had ended his relationship with Melissa Rycroft on the phone a week before the taping. “If you watched carefully, she wasn’t wearing her ring,” he said.

Even though Melissa Rycroftappeared unhappy during the break up, she was well composed during the whole event and one could see that she had time to digest the information and didn’t appear shocked by the turn of events.

Jason Mesnick was asked by the Los Angeles Times whether there was any discussion between him and Melissa about how this might play out on TV since he said he had ended things on the phone beforehand? Jason told them, “No. Her response had been, “How do you want me to react to that?” I wasn’t going to coach her. I just told her that we were going to talk about things again [on the show] and however she felt is how she was going to react. I’m never going to tell anyone what to say.”

The fact that Jason Mesnick did break up with Melissa Rycroft before appearing on national television moves himup one notch on the loser scale, but it still doesn’t take away the fact that he didn’t take the time to make up his mind in the first place, before breaking the poor girl’s heart.

As for his new love, Molly Maleney, last night she said that she had serious conversations with him after she took him back and “really grilled him.” Grilling? Raked his ass over the coals is what she should have done!

Yes we understand that she is still in love with the guy and we do wish Molly Maleneythe best in her new found relationship with Jason Mesnick, but we still feel that she is making a mistake and will be hurt just like Melissa Rycroftwas.

We also feel that the only reason why Jason Mesnick is still being called The Bachelor at all is because the name The Biggest Loser is already taken. You still suck Jason Mesnick!

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